4 star rating
The Return of Zita the Space Girl
Zita the Spacegirl, Book #3
By Ben Hatke
ISBN# 9781596438767
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the-return-of-zita-the-spacegirl-zita-the-spacegirl-ben-hatkeThis is a really great children’s book and I just loved the illustrations. It is a wonderful book to open up the imagination of those young and old, like me. It’s also funny and easy to follow. Part of the appeal is the beautiful graphics that are pleasing to the eyes.

This is the third in the series and I didn’t feel like I was missing information from not reading the others. It is obvious in the book that Zita’s been a busy little girl saving lives and planets. I think reading the other two will give you a better understanding of the last book in the series.

Over time she has made many enemies but she’s also made many friends. Now Zita’s been captured, taken to the Dungeon World in front of the court as punishment.  During an escape, she finds a creature needing saving; of course she can’t help herself. If something needs saving she has to try to save it. While trying to save the creature, she gets caught and has to go in front of the judge again; but this time she’s sent to the mines as punishment.

In the mines, they are mining for a jump crystal.  The crystal is going to help the evil warden destroy human life on earth so they can claim it as their new homeland. As Zita is working in the mines, the crystal jumps into her pocket without her knowledge. All of the creatures and monsters that she has saved came to her rescue.

The ending though unbelievable is pure genius. What a great book and with the ending as it is! This installment is the last of the series. It does leave open the possibility of another book or maybe a spinoff of this series.

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