The Protector

Sons of Texas, Book #2

By Donna Grant

ISBN# 9781250083401

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the-protector-sons-of-texas-donna-grantThe Loughman brothers are still on a hunt to find their father they haven’t talked to in years.  At the end of the previous book, The Hero, the boys hadn’t heard from their youngest brother, Cullen, in a while and were getting worried about him.  This installment is about Cullen and we find out exactly what happened and why he was out of contact!

Cullen has found the pilot, Mia, who flew his father’s team to Russia.  Unfortunately Mia was in trouble and Cullen helped her get out of a bad situation.  After talking to Mia for a bit he knew he could trust her and he also felt an attraction like none he’s ever experienced before!  Being a love ‘em and leave ‘em type though he had to put that on the back-burner and focus on unraveling what happened to his father and finding him once and for all.

Mia and Cullen work together and quickly find out that there is an organization called the Saints that is running everything, they have members all over including in America, Russian, and quite possibly the Columbians as well.  They are hot on Cullen and Mia’s tail and will do whatever it takes to get them … dead or alive.  They must work together if they are to survive!  They must take on the Saints head-on if they are ever to find Orrin and get back to having a normal life.  It will take all the skills Cullen possesses to protect the little firecracker by his side and get the answers he seeks!

I really liked Cullen.  He now sees the error of his ways by avoiding his father and brothers all these years.  The brothers all blamed Orrin for their mother’s death and now Cullen realizes how foolish that was.  He only hopes to get a chance to make amends with the father that’s been hurting just as much as they all have over the years.

Their mother’s murder has affected all the Loughman’s in some way.  For Cullen it has kept him from ever allowing himself to get involved with a woman.  He doesn’t think he could survive another loss of someone he truly loves.  He’s had plenty of one-night stands, but that’s all he’s allowed himself.  But Mia is different, she makes him want more with her, something he can’t understand, but is powerless to fight it.  But now that he’s let her in, could he lose her forever?  Could she really die on his watch?

Mia was quite the feisty character as well.  She’s tough and has lived her life dangerously up to this point.  Orrin saved her once and she is determined to pay the favor back and she refuses to let his sons take her out of the action and put her on the sidelines!

I really wanted to like this book, but I honestly was pretty bored with most of it.  This book does move the storyline along slightly, but it seems to be moving at a snail’s pace!  We do discover what the bioweapon does in this book, something that makes Orrin fear for the future and especially for the future of his sons and future wives!  It seems very far-fetched to say the least!  But I’m curious to see how the next (possibly last) book plays out.  Wyatt is up and it’s time for him to finish this once and for all and rescue the father he couldn’t care less about!  It’s bound to be explosive considering his temperament!  And, hopefully we’ll find out who was behind their mother’s murder as well!

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