The Power of Love
Kissed by an Angel, Book #2
By Elizabeth Chandler
ISBN# 9780671891466
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The Power of Love picks up where Kissed by an Angel left off.  Tristan has been killed in a car accident and is now an angel.  He has discovered that Ivy is in danger, but doesn’t know who is out to hurt her.

Suzanne has finally snagged Gregory as her boyfriend, but she is getting jealous of all the attention that he gives Ivy.  Suzanne tries to push Ivy towards Will, but when Ivy doesn’t go for it she starts to cut Ivy out of her life.

Ivy is attacked when she is home alone and both Gregory and Will come to save her, or so she believes.  But when her life is in death’s clutches again, will she be so lucky?

I thought this installment was a great improvement over its predecessor.  The story was more engaging and the characters were even less annoying!   I think it might be because this installment was less predictable than the first?  I kept trying to decide if Eric or Gregory was the “bad guy”.  And the more Ivy started falling for Gregory, the more I started leaning his way for the bad guy title.

I just can’t believe any teenager would be as naive as Ivy though.  She sees Gregory paying a known drug dealer and believes him when he feeds her a story taking the blame off of himself.  I also couldn’t fathom her wanting to be home alone after being attacked there a week earlier.

I’m glad that it appears that this brother/sister having more than brotherly love isn’t going to be continuing through the series.  Yes, I know they weren’t blood related, but it was still kind of icky.

I think so far what annoys me the most about the series is that none of the books have had a real ending.  They don’t even feel like cliffhangers, but instead feel incomplete like I’m missing a chapter or two.

But overall this was a decent read and I hope that the series continues to get better with each book.