The Periodic Table of Elements: Understanding the Building Blocks of Everything

Science Comics Series

By Jon Chad   

ISBN13: 9781250767608

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A book of fun chemistry experiments has fallen into the wrong hands. Only Mel can use her knowledge of the periodic table to put an end to a maniacal madman’s evil schemes.

The periodic table helps us quickly understand the 118 elements, those tiny substances that make up everything in the world. By using the periodic table, we can recognize how these building blocks behave, find trends and patterns in the universe, and make predictions about elements that haven’t been discovered yet. Join us in learning about the periodic table, and maybe the next big discovery will be yours! (Goodreads)


I so enjoy reading the Science Comics! And reading The Periodic Table of Elements is no exception. Informative, colorful, and an engaging way to get information about the periodic table across with comics – a fun way to learn (or re-learn in my case).

Mel is worried about an upcoming exam on the periodic table as she seems to freeze up when writing exams – regardless of how much they know about the subject. I love a couple of the bubble thoughts as Mel falls asleep:

“I wish that I could be as brave and confident in the face of a test as I am in the face of an iron or bronze monster. But it’s always going to be the same result. No matter how much I study, I’ll mess it up…”

I certainly feel that many students feel the same way. All it takes is confidence. 

So now Mel is asleep and enters a dream world – the Land of the Elements – a magical land where the elements come alive before one’s very eyes! Turns out that Mel must protect an important book. So the journey begins with Hydrogen and Mel. Mel walks the reader through the periodic table according to the elemental groupings all while evading Elemancer – who wants a book Hydrogen is holding on to!

The book gives a brief introduction as to how the periodic table was originally constructed. And as the journey continues, Mel and Hydrogen travel through the periodic table groups, defeating each monster element and ultimately saving the world. This journey gives Mel the confidence she needs to take her exam the next morning.

The graphics were colorful and the characters (Elemancer and Hydrogen specifically) were just as I would imagine them to be. The storyline would definitely be engaging for a middle school learner.

If you or a child you know is struggling with learning the periodic table, I suggest picking up this book and having a read. They will enjoy the journey of learning about the periodic table.