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The Perfect Man
By Vicki Lewis Thompson  
ISBN# 9780451419316
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Sorority sisters Melanie, Astrid, and Valerie have been inseparable since college. Even years after graduating, they still get together to debate their favorite topic: Who is the perfect man?

While growing up on a ranch, Melanie always assumed that she’d marry a cowboy—until a Parisian adventure introduces her to a dashing Texas billionaire and makes her doubt what she really wants.

Astrid’s parents expect her to settle down with someone rich, but when she can’t keep her hands off a hardworking and handsome rancher, her world turns upside down.

After a terrifying accident, Valerie doesn’t expect ever to risk love again—until she meets the one man no woman can resist: a billionaire cowboy.

As the three argue over what makes a man a great catch—a pocketful of dollars or spurs on his boots—they discover that the perfect man is sometimes exactly what you’d least expect.


Three short stories within one book. I must say up front, I am not usually a fan of short stories but in this instance…it works.

Story 1 – One Night With a Billionaire – Melanie’s story

Is it not every gal’s dream to meet a handsome Parisian and fall madly in love?  I like that Drew was attracted to Melanie from the start and that he accepted Melanie’s reticence.  Drew was always respectful of Melanie’s wish to pay her own way…not be seen as grabbing at his wealth as a way of bettering her lifestyle.

I loved the following comment(s):

 “Bonking her head at this stage would be criminal.”

– This comment comes about when Drew is carrying Melanie into his home at the end of Melanie’s first day in Paris ordeal (trying not to spoil it for you readers 🙂 )….but it an event as seasoned travelers, we all worry about.

“When he imagined kissing Melanie, it wasn’t some chaste brush of lips……..this wasn’t helping his condition at all.”

I felt this thought of Drew’s portrayed to the reader the depth of his feelings, while playing on the lighter side of the fact that Drew was really turned on by Melanie.

The chemistry between the two was very well written.  I loved that Drew had the forethought to plan ahead for all possible contingencies when they went to the theatre. Only a billionaire would be able to pull it off!

 All in all – I really enjoyed this first romantic short story.

Story 2 – Tempted by a Cowboy – Astrid’s story

I found this this story line a bit too “contrived”.  Rich gal apprehensive in NOT telling the average guy she is rich….A tired storyline….but having said that; I did get swept up in the incredible passion that was portrayed in this short story.  The chemistry between the two protagonists was undeniable.  I enjoyed the “true to her profession – a veterinarian” professionalism.  Until Janis Joplin had safely delivered her colt….Astrid was very professional in her dealings with Fletcher.

My heart was thumping wildly when the accident occurred.  It was predictable that an act of this nature would destroy the professional distance between the two since they were both so respectful of their working relationship.  Did I mention the chemistry between the two?  The descriptions in the love scenes were HOT yet tasteful.

However, I must say of the three short stories – this was my least favorite.

Story 3 – Safe in His Arms – Valerie’s story

Take a pertinent issue in these times and integrate it into finding the “perfect man”….The story was delightful.  I felt this story had depth.  Apart from discovering and falling in love with a billionaire, the story incorporated real life trials and tribulations (PTSD) into the story.  And as well, I loved the therapeutic horse aspect.  Now a hunky guy is always appreciated as well 🙂 .

This was my favorite of all the three stories, probably because the way Valerie and Adam met.  Adam was the owner and facilitator of the ranch that did the animal therapy Valerie attended at the suggestion of her therapist.  But backing it up a moment….Valerie met her future therapist, Will, when she had a panic attack while out with her friends at the gals favorite watering hole – The Golden Spurs & Stetson.  These attacks were a result of Valerie’s PTSD as a result of being trampled during a concert.  Her boyfriend at the time abandoned her during this crisis and only looked after himself, which also has lead Valerie to distrust relationships.  With this back history – I felt the story had more depth.

I did enjoy the common thread among all three stories with the three women all friends from college.  The final epilogue tying all three short stories together was heartwarming.  I recommend this book with three intertwined short stories for the romantic in you.

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*