The Path
The Veritas Chronicles, Book #1
By H.K. Savage
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Magick is real. And there is a secret world complete with its own agency, Veritas, to control those who would wield their power over “regulars”, or threaten the secrecy that keeps them all safe from the persecution that nearly destroyed them. For Cassie, a mixed blood witch, it’s the only world she’s ever known though she’s never embraced her role as agent for Veritas. For Drew, a witch born to a non-magickal family, it answers so many of his questions. It is also the cause of so much loss and pain. And now, as he and Cassie attempt to find his missing brother, rumored to be working with a rogue witch and cult leader, it threatens to take the last of his family. Or will magick save it?


The book begins by introducing two young men, Brandon and Drew. Their parents have been killed; they are sent to live with an aunt until Brandon is 18 and can take care of Drew on his own. I felt great sympathy for Drew; his world changed in an instant. I’ts obvious that Brandon knows more but will not share it. And this all takes place in the prologue.

Next we meet Cassie. Cassie comes from two lines of witches making her a “mixed” witch. The only problem, she cannot tap into her powers.

Do you recall, as a child, having an adult tell you they expect great things from you? It’s flattering but it can be turned inward, into perfectionism or being too hard on yourself. Cassie is way too hard on herself; she has boxed herself in.

Cassie is an investigator for Tutela ab Veritas, a group that polices magick users. She has been told if she doesn’t tap into her gifts she may lose her job. That’s a lot of pressure, no wonder she’s plugged up and cannot access the witch part of herself. It was refreshing to see that Cassie had to struggle a bit to find herself. It’s not fun when a main character accidentally pops up able to handle anything thrown their way. It’s not believable. Cassie had to work at it and I REALLY like that about the book.

Cassie is given one last chance to show what she can bring to the table. There’s a case involving Drew who currently co-owns a night club with his brother Brandon. She and her partners, Julia and Quan, set out to investigate.

Cassie ends up thrown into the situation, forcing her to figure out her powers. The investigators find that Drew and Brandon are witches as well. Drew and Cassie end up discovering their power together. Their attraction is electric although I wish there had been more romance involved.

I enjoyed the different types of witches and the displays of their powers; it’s creative. The action scenes were engrossing. There is an array of unique characters. I liked that the book dealt with religious issues and the reverse discrimination from religious zealots.

But, I have a couple of problems with the book:
1) It is too slow starting out. There’s too much information about Cassie’s background.
2) The ending dragged on too long. I think at least 50 pages could have been cut from the book without affecting quality.

That said, the writing, editing, plot, character development are just fine. It may just be me.

If you’re looking for a good witch series, check this one out. You may really like it.