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The Repo Men film is a dark, at times comedic dystopia with plenty of action and tension. Essentially it is about a Credit Union repo man –the kind that takes your car if you don’t make your payments– except instead of cars, he repossesses artificial organs (artiforgs), almost always killing the client in the process. It is gruesome -at times qualifying as torture porn- and definitely earns its R rating. It is great popcorn fun and I really enjoyed it; you will too if you have the stomach for it.

The book was written by Eric García (Anonymous Rex trilogy) and the screenplay by García and Garrett Lerner (John DoeSmallvilleRoswell). Besides García, there are other Latinos in this production:  director Miguel Sapochnik, cinematographer Enrique Chediak, and supporting actress Alice Braga (I Am Legend).

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I admit I am only halfway through watching Repo Men. I got sidetracked and need to return. Goes to show how much it kept my attention. It is possible I missed out the turning point in the film where you feel riveted and are locked in your seat.  This is not a good sign in my book. I guess I should go back to it and see what the fuss is all about. Have you seen Repo Men yet? What are your thoughts?