The Monster of Silver Creek
By Belinda G. Buchanan
ISBN# 1463695284
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Nathan Sommers is the police chief of a small Montana town and people are losing faith in the police as young girls are being murdered; their bodies being left along the lake.  Not only do the police not have any leads, but they can’t even figure out the murder weapon as each victim has two small wounds about three inches apart over their hearts.  The Mayor is breathing down Nathan’s neck to solve the case as it’s an election year and the murders have caused a severe drop in tourism.

While trying to figure out who is killing these young women, a new business owner in town catches Nathan’s eye.  Katie has recently bought the bakery across from the police station.  Nathan is interested in her, but can he get past the tragic loss of his wife and unborn daughter and the guilt he feels over it to be with Katie?

I thought this was a cute little story and it was a quick easy read.  It did take me a little bit to get into it as I thought the beginning was a bit rough.  I think that Katie and Nathan could have met in a better way.  The dog ate my cat storyline seemed a bit corny to me.  But once I got past that I did find myself enjoying the story.

I’m a person that doesn’t usually like a whole lot of flashbacks in my books, but I found that I actually enjoyed the ones Nathan was having.  They really painted a story about Nathan and Jenny’s life and why he is so consumed with guilt.  Although I would have liked to have seen the flashbacks, in the order they happened, slowly building up to the heart-wrenching end.

I liked the story, despite the fact that it was pretty obvious that Katie would eventually be taken by the killer and that Nathan would have to ride to the rescue or risk losing his new love forever.  Sometimes it’s nice enjoying the journey, even though you know where the destination will lead.

But when I arrived at the destination there was a turn in the road that threw me for a loop.  I was really expecting the happily ever after ending and was surprised and a bit disappointed when I didn’t get it.  I think that alone is what keeps me from giving this book a higher rating.  Yes, I know that not every book can end happily, but I really wanted this one to.  Nathan has suffered so much and I just wanted to see that there is life after loss.