2 star rating
The Man Plan
The Graysons, Book #2
By Tracy Anne Warren
ISBN#  9780451466143
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the-man-plan-the-graysons-tracy-anne-warrenThere is nothing more bitter than a lover scorned.  And, that’s exactly how James feels after he’s jilted at the altar, his bride running off to be with another man.  To quickly be followed by her teenage sister confessing her undying affection to him, a teenage crush it appears.

Five years later that teenager has grown and just dropped out of college to pursue her art dreams in New York.  Her mom asks for James’s help in finding her a safe place to live and to look after her.  The Graysons are like family, better than family to James, and he quickly agrees to help and puts Ivy up in his building, a complex he owns no less!  It’s hard to believe that little girl has grown into the 20 year old bombshell she is now.

Ivy may be older, but her lifelong obsession with James hasn’t faded in the least.  She is more determined than ever to have him, at any cost.  Now it’s just up to her to convince him that she’s the one for him.

I really wanted to like this book, but frankly I just found Ivy to be … annoying, extremely so.  She is very much as immature as she was during her confession to James on his would have been wedding day when she was fifteen.  At one point in the book James told her she was behaving like a spoiled child and I couldn’t have agreed more and was ecstatic someone finally told her as much!  She comes from a well-off family, drops out of school and they pay for her while she plays in New York to try to make it as an artist.  And not only pay, but put her up in James’s swanky complex.  Poor spoiled baby, but she’s not happy until she gets the man she wants to.  She had a one track mind the entire time: to possess James for her very own.

James was an okay character, he was trying to do what seemed right to him and stay away from Ivy, but with her constantly throwing herself at him, he eventually couldn’t resist and caved.  Overall though neither of these characters really spoke to me or even interested me all that much, making the relationship bland and whiny frankly.

I hope that all of Warren’s books aren’t like this one, but I honestly don’t know as I’ve never read her work before.  This one just didn’t hit the mark for me.  I guess I’ll have to wait until the next release of the series to decide if it’s worth another try.

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