Brought to you by OBS reviewer Valerie.

The Leviathan series is a steampunk trilogy written by the one and only Scott Westerfeld. It blends action, war, and romance with a historical twist. It starts off with Deryn, a girl disguising as a guy, and Alek, a prince on the run. Of course, Deryn meets Alek in a twist of fate and that’s when things get even more interesting. I love this series, and I loved casting it!


Beware of possible spoilers!


Deryn – I spent an eternity searching for an actress with the slightest resemblance to the illustrations of Deryn before deciding on Evanna Lynch. I feel like she could theoretically play Deryn, especially since they share a similar appearance.

AleksandarAvan Jogia all the way. He has that regal look to him. I think that with green eyes, he would make a fabulous Alek.

Dr. Barlow – She’s extremely clever and smart. Anne Hathaway is a skilled actress worthy of playing the part. Plus, in this photo, she looks amazingly sharp!

Lilit – This one was easy. I chose Mila Kunis. This was a gut feeling.

Otto Klopp: – Based on the illustrations, I chose an older actor for Klopp. Al Pacino, I choose you (sorry Pikachu)!

Count Volger – George Clooney, George Clooney, George Clooney. You see, Volger has gray hair and is tall. Hence, I chose Clooney.

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