The Legend

The Sons of Texas, Book #3

By Donna Grant

ISBN# 9781250083418

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Things went to shit for Wyatt with the loss of his mother years ago.  Not only was she murdered, but he was the one to find her slain and bloody body.  As you can only imagine, he hasn’t been the same since.  His brothers and he all blamed their father for her murder, thinking he was involved in something that followed him home, and all three of them turned their back on their father, Orrin.  But Wyatt has kept himself away from everyone including his brothers and threw himself fully into his Delta Force missions, always taking the most difficult and dangerous tasks so his men could make it back to their families.  There is one person he could never get out of his mind though:  Callie.  He was too scarred from his mother’s death to have a relationship with her and instead broke her heart, but he always kept her safe even though she never knew the things he did for her behind the scenes.

Now Wyatt is back home to save his father and take out the biggest terrorist group the world has ever seen.  He’s working alongside Callie and will do anything to keep her safe.  But her idiot family of criminals picks now to try to take her back into their fold, by force if necessary.  Wyatt realizes that the timing isn’t by coincidence.  And, if that wasn’t bad enough, a terrorist group that Wyatt has squared off with during his Delta Force missions is also coming after him.  His family can’t do this all on their own and it’s time to call other people into their war, but who can they trust?

This was another decent read.  I really am enjoying this series, it’s so much different from Grant’s paranormal series that I find it quite refreshing, even if some aspects like the bioweapon, are quite unbelievable.   The characters are engaging and interesting.  I love the Loughman brothers and now that all three have had their story and the threat is still out there, I can’t help but wonder who the next book will feature.  I’ve never seen Grant make a second book on a character so I can only assume the next installment will feature the boys’ father, Orrin.

With all the talk of them getting Whitehorse back up and running into a family business, I can’t help but wonder if Grant is setting up for a spin-off series, perhaps something similar to Maya Banks’s KGI series.  However, I find how easy the boys are getting out of the military to be another one of those unrealistic aspects of the series, especially considering there are people within their government that want them dead.  It doesn’t make sense that they’d let them out of their grasp that easily.  I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see what happens next.  One thing is for sure, this series isn’t over yet and we haven’t seen the last of the Loughmans!

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