The Jurors Who Knew too Much
By Gail Farrelly
ISBN# 9781611875294
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Sixty-somethings Lorna and Ike are jurors in a murder trial. They soon find they like each other and begin hanging out together in the courthouse. When they realize they may have some inside information on the crime the defendant is accused of committing, they’re suddenly faced with a difficult choice of what to do – and that decision could make for some serious trouble for everyone involved. A short story.


Mystery has definitely become one of my favorite genres to read. When the author, scatters all the clues throughout the story, you immediately want to put them together before it ends and the culprit is revealed. You become part of the mystery and an extra character with the rest.

This time the story to solve revolves around a court jury, where in a sudden turn of destiny two widowers meet and become the key points of a murder case, which is linked more to these two people, than the actual accused murder. I have to say that this was the plot twist that caught my attention, making me like this story even more.

This is the second time I have the opportunity to read one of author Gail Farrelly’s short stories, the first time being They eDone Him Wrong from the anthology The Killer Wore Cranberry: A Second Helping, which was a good Thanksgivings read and very entertaining for a killing story 🙂 I have really come to enjoy her writing style for crime mysteries.

A good mystery is one where the author leads you to believe that the person you’re betting your life on, is the bad guy, when it actually turns out to be someone else you didn’t even think about. At one point while reading, I didn’t trust Kelly Meadows, the wife and murder suspect of the deceased, Tim, because I felt she wasn’t doing much in defending herself. Good thing she had secret guardians looking out for her 🙂 I even thought for a moment, that Tim wasn’t actually dead and had just gotten plastic surgery to evade, maybe, a divorce.

I recommend you read this short story, no matter what kind of genre you like. It’s a fun mystery that won’t take you much time to read and you’ll enjoy it. You might even end up labeling somebody else than Kelly as the murderer or not trust worthy 😉