4 star rating
The Job
Fox and O’Hare, Book #3
By Janet Evanovich & Lee Goldberg
ISBN# 9780345543127
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the-job-janet-evanovichKate and Nick’s arrangement to work together to put the bad guys away seems to be working out well.  That is until Nick is caught stealing again.  But he swears it’s not him.  The heists are amateurish in nature and are done in quick succession, which isn’t Nick’s style at all.  An imposter!  Ruining Nick’s good (er bad?) name.  But why?  Someone is obviously wanting Nick’s attention so they have it.  What he finds is Serena Blake, a girl involved in some of his past cons.  She has a job for Nick.  Take down Lester Menendez, a big drug lord who has changed his name and his appearance.  How do you find someone when you have no idea who you’re looking for?  Leave it to Nick to come up with the perfect plan!

This was another really enjoyable adventure in the Fox and O’Hare series!  I just love this duo.  The good and the bad working together, but who’s corrupting who?  Both Kate and Nick have been dancing around and flirting a bit, okay Nick has been shameless, but Kate enjoys it!  I’m still waiting for this romance to take root, as I know it’s only a matter of time.  Especially if that kiss at the end of the book was any indication!  Until Kate gives in to Nick’s advances he will just have to keep seducing her with sexual innuendo and Toblerone bars!  And us lucky readers get to watch it all unfold!

Some of the characters we know and love are back together to pull off this latest heist, Willie and Boyd, and they have picked up a few other players along the way.  Don’t get too excited though as they play very minor roles in this book.  Willie is hardly in at all!  But Kate’s dad is along for the ride on this one.  I absolutely love him!  He just brings so much fun to this series and I don’t think I’d want to see a book without him!  He has to make sure his little girl is protected after all!

“Kate prefers a loaded gun next to her bed.”

“Is that all?” Jake asked Kate. “Where’s your hand grenade?”

“I don’t have a hand grenade.”

“What happened to the one I gave you for Christmas?”

“I forgot about that,” she said. “I guess it’s around the apartment somewhere.”

“You lost a hand grenade in your apartment?” Nick said. “Next time I visit I’ll be more careful.”

I thought this heist was a lot of fun.  The book didn’t get into quite as much detail as the previous books, but I think it was perfect.  Giving us just the right amount of information to keep us interested, but not bored with the minute details.

My only complaint, is a minor one, when Nick and Kate were faking marriage in this one, they acted as if it was the first time.  I’m thinking the authors may have forgotten they pretended to be married before … with the same wedding bands in fact!

“That’s disappointing,” Nick said. “I was hoping to see you in action again. It’s kind of sexy in a violent, perverted sort of way.”

“Gosh, knowing that makes my day complete.”

“I thought you’d want me to be open about my feelings now that we’re married.”

If you have not read this series, do yourself a favor and get your hands on it now.  You won’t be disappointed!  Who knew that doing good by being bad would be so much fun?  Or that a con man could be so damn sexy?

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