The Jackal

The Black Dagger Brotherhood: Prison Camp, Book #1

By J.R. Ward

ISBN# 9781982158392

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Nyx has been trying to find the prison her sister was sent to for the last fifty years.  She knows that her sister was wrongly accused of murder and she’s determined to find her and free her. 

Everything changes, when Nyx and her younger sister, Posie, accidentally hit a young pretrans vampire with their car. He talks about an underground prison he escaped from and Nyx knows this is where her sister is being held.  She sets out to find Janelle and bring her home.

Once inside the prison, she is helped by a handsome prisoner, the Jackal.  He’s been in the prison for 100 years and knows the place inside and out.  He takes her to ‘the wall’, which lists the names of all the prisoners that have died.  She finds a misspelled version of Janelle’s name and realizes she came for nothing. 

However, she and Jack have quickly grown close.  As he helps her escape the prison, she wants him to come too.  He refuses.  There is something holding him in the prison, but Nyx doesn’t know what.  But all choice is soon stripped away when the Command has them in their clutches.  Jack will sacrifice everything to see his female safe.  But will it be enough?

This was a decent read.  It gives our favorite fighters something else to investigate and fight.  A secret prison that shouldn’t exist.  And, honestly, with the war with the lessening society pretty much snuffed out, the guys need something else to occupy themselves with!

I enjoyed Jack and Nyx, although the book wasn’t detailed enough for me to fall in love with either of them.  I did still enjoy them though.

I also enjoyed Jack’s friends and I really hope that the situation isn’t as dire as it seems at the end of this book.

We also got to see some glimpses from Rhage’s past.  We got to see just how dangerous it was when Rhage’s beast came out to play before he had his brothers watching his back.

This was a decent start to a new spin-off series and I can only hope the series only gets better!