Title: The Inn on Mirror Lake

Series: Highland Falls

By: Debbie Mason

ISBN: 9781538720639

Author Website: authordebbiemason(.)com

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Elliana MacLeod has come home to whip the Mirror Lake Inn into tip-top shape, the only way to prevent her mother from selling the beloved family business. In between watching over mischievous, cigar-sneaking Grandpa Joe and trying to help Highland Falls win the Most Romantic Small Town in America contest, Elliana’s plate isn’t just full, it’s overflowing. She can’t refuse Nathan Black’s offer to fix up the inn, even if the gorgeous law enforcement officer has made it abundantly clear he considers her a friend, and nothing more.

Nate knows he’s not cut out for long-term relationships or white picket fences, and that’s what Ellie deserves. Yet keeping her at arm’s length is nearly impossible, especially once they’re working—and living—side-by-side. The more time he spends with Ellie, the more he wants, and not just for today but forever. When Ellie’s ex returns to town, has Nate missed his chance with the woman of his dreams? 


The Inn on Mirror Lake is yet another fine tale in the Highland Falls series written by Debbie Mason. Every time I read a book set in Highland Falls – I so want to move there! The characters were engaging, main storyline was very intriguing (I wanted to know why the dysfunction in the family), could all the various sub stories be wound up satisfactorily before the end of the book and was there to be a happily ever after (HEA)? Happy to report that I was fully entrenched in the lives of all those who live in Highland Falls and that all my questions were answered!

The Inn on Mirror Lake is Elliana (Ellie) MacLeod’s story. She has moved home to help her Grandpa Joe with the upkeep and running of the Mirror Lake Inn, which has been in her family for a long time in an effort to dissuade her mother from selling the Inn and surrounding property off. After all, it is Grandpa Joe’s home (and now Ellie’s). Ellie has a deep attachment to the property and Inn so she is willing to do what it takes to keep the property – not just for grandpa Joe but for herself as well. And if that means taking part in the “Most Romantic Small Town in America” contest – then that is what Ellie will do. 

Ellie is a complex, yet well rounded character with an interesting familial backstory. When she takes in Nathan Black and Ryder (Brodie’s son) I just knew that this was going to be one for the books ☺. I truly hoped that Ellie and Nate would finally get together. But naturally, lots of stuff needed to be worked through for both of them. The journey was gut wrenching as well as humorous. The way the residents of Highland Falls came together to look out after these two was wonderful – looking out after their own!

Another one of my favorite characters was of course Grandpa Joe. What a character. Loved how he kept running off with his buddies for various reasons (poker was a main one). And the way Joe took Ryder under his wing and had him help with chores, etc. – priceless. 

The Most Romantic Small Town in America contest provided many chuckle worthy moments! Again – I loved how the whole town came together to make the judging event happen and to protect Ellie (dang ex’s!).

I really enjoy the cover art on all the books in this series but the cover of The Inn on Mirror Lake with the Adirondack chairs facing the lake with the gorgeous dog on the front made it easy to get into my happy place. 

The Inn on Mirror Lake is more than just a love story. It encompasses dealing with grief, mourning and acceptance that goes along with death (death of Brady) as well as finding the truth (why was/is Ellie’s mother so distant to Ellie?), family and supporting each other no matter what (Grandpa Joe) and of course the hopeful second chance. This series is truly one I am loving and I am hoping there will be another installment so that I may enjoy more antics in this delightful town of Highland Falls. I could go on and on – but I feel that to truly enjoy The Inn on Mirror Lake – one must read the book in its entirety for oneself.