The Hero

Sons of Texas, Book #1

By Donna Grant

ISBN# 9781250083395

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the-hero-sons-of-texas-donna-grantNatalie Dixon thought she’d always be with her high school sweetheart, Owen Loughman, that is until the day she graduated and he left her to follow in his dad’s footsteps and joined the Navy.  Natalie never saw the end coming and was crushed.  It took her years to get over Owen and when she’s being honest with herself, she’s not sure she really *has* gotten over him.  It’s been 14 years, she’s been married and now divorced, but just being near Owen gives her all kinds of feelings she doesn’t want.  After getting involved with an investigation over a Russian bioweapon, Nat’s life is in danger and Owen may be the only one that can keep her safe.

Owen and his two brothers were all on separate military missions, but they were called back for reasons unknown to them.  They were brought back to their family ranch where they discovered their aunt and uncle had been murdered.  Their father’s work had once again followed him home.  But not only that, their father has been kidnapped and they have no idea where he’s being held or what all of this is about.  But the worst thing of all is that the Russians have a hit out on the only woman that Owen has ever loved, Natalie.  He was a fool to ever have left her, and he’s determined to not only keep her safe, but to make her his once again and never let her go!

I was pretty stoked to see a new Donna Grant series, and unlike the others I’ve read, this one has no paranormal elements.  This introductory installment is also a second chance romance; my favorite!

I thought this was a pretty good start to the new series.  It does have some flaws with a few minor inconsistencies such as in one scene Natalie had blonde hair and in another she was a brunette, but it wasn’t anything that couldn’t be overlooked.  I also found this whole storyline with the Russian bioweapon to be unrealistic, but its fiction so I digress.

I did love Owen.  He was strong, protective, loyal, and of course hot as hell; all the things you’d want in the guy saving your life!  I like that he realized what a horrible mistake he made by leaving Natalie and was willing to do whatever it takes to correct that mistake.  But he didn’t push when Natalie put up a wall.  He just found ways to weaken that wall and bring it crashing down so he could climb over the rubble and claim his prize.

Natalie could hold her own, when needed, and it was great to see the duo come back together.

There really wasn’t a resolution to the plot in this book and it will obviously carry on throughout the story arc of the series.  I’m curious to see how it all plays out and which brother will be the focus of the next novel!  I can’t wait, but thankfully Grant usually writes pretty quickly so hopefully we’ll have the next installment soon!

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