5 star rating
The Goodbye Witch
A Wishcraft Mystery, Book #4
By Heather Blake
ISBN# 9780451465870
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the-goodbye-witch-witchcraft-mystery-heather-blakeI thoroughly enjoyed this book, it was so good that it was believable, I am definitely going to be getting the other books in this series of Heather Blake’s. It takes you to a place on earth that offers magical wishes and dreams. This is a modern day version of  Bewitched with a little bit of Cinderella thrown in.

There is a lot of things going on and a lot of characters being introduced but Heather has arranged everything nicely and it’s easy to keep up with. The characters are just “bewitching”.

Even in the magical world of witches there is still the good, the bad and the ugly; The good is Darcy and the love of her family and friends, the bad is Glinda and misunderstandings that life throws at you and the Ugly is death, cancer and jealousy of others.

Darcy is still new to the magical powers of spells and seekers and trying to learn the craft that she never knew she had until Darcy’s Aunt Vie turned up. A world that was so much apart of her mother that her father kept hidden until he died was opened up to Darcy and her sister.

Darcy lives in the community called, Enchanted Village, that has two laws, the mortal law and the magical laws and in that community magical laws supersede the mortal laws. When mysterious things start to happen and Darcy’s good friend Starla Sullivan is accused of murdering her ex-husband, the leader of the Witchy world has to step in.

Darcy wants to help but during the last investigation, Glinda who is part of the police force, complained that Darcy was getting in the way of investigations and was told to stay out of police business. So now that there is another investigation and it involves her best friend there is just no way to stay out of it but this is going to cause a rift in her relationship that is just now healing from the last investigation.

When called in to see the Elder to investigate the death of Starla’s husband, because witchcraft is involved, Darcy has to turn to many of the magical creatures to help. Although things are never what they seem and words can be deceiving it takes many turns and twist to catch up to the killer but was there really a killing and how did Starla’s ex-husband turn up dead in Starla’s house?

Someone is really messing with Starla’s sanity and life and it’s all because of Darcy and Darcy’s new love. How can you take away something that was never yours to begin with?

I really can’t say enough nice things about this book. I didn’t want to put it down and loved the plot and the twists. The only bad thing I can say is that I haven’t read the first three of the series and although this is number 4 of the series it can be read as a stand alone.

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