4 star rating
The Given
Celestial Blues, Book #3
By Vicki Pettersson
ISBN#  9780062066206
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*Beware of Spoilers*

the-given-celestial-blues-vicki-petterssonIt’s been six long months since Grif and Kit went their separate ways.  And, both have been miserable in their own right.  But the Host is getting tired of waiting for Grif to find who killed him and take his rightful place in the Everlast.  He is given a prophecy that he must fulfill before the 51st anniversary of his death, and it’s approaching fast!  He will reunite with his greatest love to accomplish it, but will it be enough?  He’s running out of time to solve the mysteries of his past, finding out who murdered him, and what exactly happened to his wife, Evie, now that he knows she didn’t die that horrible night.  But does any of that even matter when he faces the possibility of losing his beloved Kat for good?

I was pretty sad at the end of the previous installment of this series, The Lost, and I really didn’t know where it could possibly go from there once this fated pair went splitsville.  But I got so excited when I read the synopsis of The Given!  And, let me tell you that this book did NOT disappoint!  It had everything I could have possibly wanted: greed, mystery, intrigue, betrayal, and even a little romance thrown in for good measure!

I am a bit sad that this series stops here though, but with everything tied up so nicely, there is really nowhere else for it to go. And, I think if Pettersson tried to extend it, that the quality would drop because there is really nothing else for us to learn, nothing else for these great characters to achieve or discover.

Kit and Grif were great as always!  I loved how they finally found their way back to one another, but all the time they lost in those six months apart did make my heart ache a bit when we discover just how little time Grif has left on this ‘mudflat’.

I’ve had a sneaking suspicion about Evie’s involvement in everything that happened 50 years ago, but I never could have guessed just how immersed in it she was!  We saw a much uglier side of her than I ever expected.

There was also many twists and turns with the other players involved, showing you just how ugly greed can really turn a person, and leaves you asking the question: What WOULDN’T you do for money?

I’m thankful that Pettersson has taken us on this fun ride, taught me about the rockabilly lifestyle, and introduced us to a great love story that I won’t soon forget!  Also, the covers have been amazing and powerful, I love how Grif’s wings are always in the shadows!  And, as I’m sad it’s over, I know that it couldn’t have ended more perfectly!

“Love isn’t just worth remembering and saving.  True love is what saves us all.”

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