The Girls
By Victor J. Banis
ISBN# 9781611875300
Author’s Website:

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If you ever thought that animals can’t know true love, you never knew the girls. This emotional short story from legendary author Victor J. Banis will appeal to both dog lovers and all fans of Banis’ writings.


A wonderful short story, about the mutual care between two puppies, who spent their lives together. This kind of situation makes me think, that love for one another is not just meant for humans but for animals, too. And, this is what author Victor J. Banis shows us through his very simple and lovable characters.

As I started reading this story, I did not know what to expect from it. First, we’re introduced to the owner, a smart Springer named Jenny and a shy Shepherd named Prima, whom without planning it, end up living together, the three of them, for a long time. This was my first time reading one of author Victor J. Banis’s stories and I really enjoyed it. I loved the way it was written, giving the reader bit by bit as if preparing us for the emotional end with a sigh.

I wasn’t sure how much I would like this story, but towards the end I was hooked. I’ve had several pets but the most memorable one was a white little poodle. He listened more to others than me but we had good times, until he passed away. This experience definitely made me relate more to the story. There is nothing I would change, not even the ending of it. While you read you can see what kind of relationship the dogs and their owner had, one of mutual understanding, which led for to a comfortable and pleasant life.

I very much recommend you read this short story, dog lover or not, it will end even before you notice and it will leave you wanting for more of these lovable doggies. And, finally, I leave you with this quote from the story:

Carson McCullers says that there is a lover and a beloved, and that they come from different countries.