The Force of Wind

Elemental Mysteries, Book #3

By Elizabeth Hunter

ISBN# 9781479153015

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Giovanni and Beatrice head to China, the home of the Eight Immortals, in their hunt to find the manuscript Beatrice’s father had stolen from Lorenzo.  A tome that was stolen from Giovanni.  The book has resurfaced and is being kept at a hidden monastery that only the elders know the location of.  

Shortly after arriving on the island, they discover another secret the elders have been keeping.  Beatrice’s father, Stephen, has been living there for over a year!  He helped study the missing manuscript along with Elder Lu’s monks.  The book details a formula for the elixir of life.  With this formula a human can live forever without having to turn into a vampire.  And, a vampire can live forever without blood after feeding from a human that has taken the elixir.  Giovanni has hope that this could be the key to Beatrice living forever beside him without having to give up her human life.

Shortly after arriving at the island though, Lorenzo shows up petitioning the elders for custody of the manuscript.  Giovanni doesn’t know why Lorenzo wants the book, but knows that his plans can’t be anything good.  Giovanni and his allies must work together to try to convince the elders to rule in their favor and keep the elixir of life out of Lorenzo’s evil clutches!

It’s been about four years since I read the previous installment of this series, This Same Earth.  I honestly forgot about the entire series and had to refresh my memory before even starting this book.  I did actually enjoy the first two installments, so I’m unsure why the series fell on the back burner for me.  There are a lot of characters in the series with connecting relationships so I found myself taking notes to keep everything straight!

This was an okay read, but it didn’t knock my socks off by any means.  It kept my interest, but wasn’t all that exciting except a chapter or two towards the end.  A lot of the focus of the book did seem to be on Giovanni & Beatrice’s relationship and the interest that Beatrice’s bodyguard, Baojia had for her.

Giovanni’s protective side was out in full force as was his unquenchable libido!  It seemed he was always finding time to distract Beatrice with his body.  And, of course, leaving his scent all over her for Baojia and whoever else was around to smell!

“I’ve been alive for over five thousand years. If there is one thing predictable about the male of the species, it’s their sex drive and their fascination with fire.”

Beatrice snorted.  “That’s it, huh?”

“Most advances in technology occur because they’re either trying to impress women or blow things up.  It’s as predictable as the sunrise.”

I was a bit shocked the way Beatrice went behind Giovanni’s back in this book.  I know she felt it was something she had to do, but I really couldn’t blame Giovanni for being angry.

Of course, we didn’t get a full resolution about the manuscript in this book and we must read the next book, A Fall of Water, to find out what happens!