5 star rating
The Eye of Minds
The Mortality Doctrine, Book #1
By James Dashner
ISBN# 9780385741392
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*Beware of Spoilers*

the-eye-of-minds-james-dashner-the-morality-doctrine A round of applause for author James Dashner! Once more he has written a mind-blowing story like only he can. If you’re acquaintanted with some of his other books, you must already be aware of his distinguished writing style that represents him. With this thought, I began reading The Eye of Minds with an opened mind thinking of every possible twist that could jump at me inside the VirtNet. And, oh boy, I did not see some things coming.

The Eye of Minds is the first book in The Mortality Doctrine series, set in a futuristic environment where one can easily enter the VirtNet, with the help of the right technology, to basically do any everyday task from the real world within the virtual one. Michael is just another gamer having fun with his friends inside the Sleep, where he knows that everything that happens there isn’t real, just a game after school. That is, until things start to change, and people dying inside the Sleep end up brain-dead back in the Wake inside their Coffins.

Michael discovers that the one behind the VirtNet deaths is a new gamer who goes by the name of Kaine, whose purpose is to erase the minds of the gamers with a plan in mind for their physical bodies in the Wake. Michael is given the mission of finding Kaine and to learn more about the Mortality Doctrine. Along with his hacker friends, Michael goes deeper into the VirtNet, knowing that if he fails all that he knows can be easily erased.

I really enjoyed The Eye of Minds. If I may, I would like to compare it to a good game of Sudoku; an intricate one with more than one box to solve, that once finished everything seems so clear with a refreshed feeling. Not to mention that with every new book of James Dashner I learn new terminology words for calling things. Furthermore, is the realization at the end of the story of knowing that you can’t easily trust anyone. They all state their reasons as to why they claim to be good without showing their true colors. I am definitely anxious to read what other characters will be introduced in the next books.

An aspect that I enjoy about the story is that a specific age isn’t given to most of the characters and the reader can easily relate to them. Especially, if you create your own appearance once inside the VirtNet, which most of the gamers do. I would make myself a little taller if I were a gamer. On the other hand, it does sound scary to have your mind trapped inside the VirtNet.

The Maze Runner was a thrilling series to read and The Eye of Minds does not stay behind. I can already picture this book as a movie. From the first moment the characters are intriguing, one starts to wonder if they really leave the Virtnet, and at the end one is shocked just like Michael to discover the cold truth and reality of things.

I really want to know what happens next! I’m curious to know how Sarah and Bryson are in the Wake and how they will react to Michael. Too bad the next book comes out next Fall. Meanwhile, I’ll improve my hacker abilities!