The Divided Earth

The Nameless City, Vol #3

By Faith Erin Hicks

ISBN: 9781626721609

Author Website: faitherinhicks(.)com


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The Divided Earth begins with people burning evidence of a tool that can serve as a powerful weapon against any war. One woman saves the only instructions left in order to build the weapon, claiming that future generations can protect themselves if they have the knowledge to create it. She writes down the instructions in a book and gives it to the temple monks so they can hide it and keep it safe. Time passes and an imminent war is approaching. It is time to retrieve the tool that will help the city defeat their enemies.

In the present there are still people that believe that the tool is too dangerous and would cause more harm than good. The book is taken from the monks by the new General of Blades and given to his right hand Mura to decipher and recreate. Kai, son of a Dao general, and his friend Rat, a girl living with the monks, plan to steal the book from Mura after seeing what the weapon can do. Meanwhile, Kai’s father searches for allies to help him defeat the General of Blades and take over the Nameless City.

The story has several points of view, but the two most important are Kai and Rat’s, and the Dao general’s. Kai is within the city, which lets the reader view what is going on the inside of the wall, while his father is outside letting the reader view the “enemy army”. The characters that caught more my attention were the monks, they help throughout the conflict between the city and the outsiders even though they are against violence, the monks find the way to help. And there is one more character that was interesting, but that would be a spoiler.

The comic’s design within the city is a combination of vibrant colors such as reds and oranges, with only key characters in blue or dark, while the scenes outside the walls are earthy colors and grays or whites and key characters in reds. The design is detailed and with great backgrounds.

The Divided Earth is a story of friendship and teamwork, and finding your way through war. The story is interesting and nicely paced, the dialogue captures your curiosity to know the outcome and learn more about the characters. From a comic fan to another, I recommend The Divided Earth.


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