The Dark One

Vicious Lost Boys, Book #2

By Nikki St. Crowe

ISBN# 9798985421231                                                      

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This book picks up where The Never King left off.  Pan just opened the box that his shadow has been kept in only for two shadows to pop out.  Pan, the twins, and Vane try to capture the shadows, but Pan’s shadow evades them and runs off into Hook’s territory.  The death shadow fights the twins nearly killing Bash and escapes, as well.  The group is left disgruntled and frustrated not being able to capture either shadow.  They must now bargain with Captain Hook to enter his land to hunt down Peter’s shadow.  And, they’re willing to trade Hook’s sister, Cherry, to do it!  Whether she’s willing or not.

Meanwhile, the twins’ sister, Queen Tilly, is plotting against both Hook and Peter Pan.  She has summoned the Crocodile to destroy both of her enemies leaving herself to rule all of Neverland.

Peter and the Lost Boys must find Peter’s shadow and restore him to his full power to keep their enemies at bay.  But will they be too late? TICK-TOC.

This series has become a guilty pleasure.  There is still lots of steamy sex as it truly morphs into a reverse harem story in this book.  All four men will do anything to protect Winnie, even Vane who she thought hated her.  And, they definitely want to keep her for their own … entertainment.

I am rather enjoying the storyline though.  I love how Peter Pan has been re-imagined.  Fun little details are thrown in like the Crocodile is actually a person.  And, he happens to be Vane’s scary brother.  Hook seems quite pathetic though.

Unfortunately, the ending on this one was pretty predictable.  I guessed who would end up with the death shadow about the time it beat up Bash and fled, which was pretty early.

Now we have to wait for the next book to see how everyone will handle the death shadow and the consequences going forward.  I do hope the one that set it all in motion will get theirs!  Sadly, we have to wait until September to find out.

“He is an unholy sight. And I will never stop sinning for him.”