The Burning Star
Star, Book #1
By Jessie Lane
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She’ll have to believe the unbelievable to survive.

The doctors have told Kay that she will die before she reaches her eighteenth birthday. Her mother’s determination to save her life leads them to a move outside of Asheville, NC to a new set of cancer specialists in the hopes to help her. But it’s not what Kay and her Mom find in the doctor’s offices in Asheville that lead them on the journey to save her before time runs out. It’s what Kay finds in the woods outside of Asheville, and an inhumanly gorgeous guy named Ryan, instead.

Myths and fairy tales come to life before Kay’s eyes, bringing her closer to the ultimate cure if she can stay alive long enough to get there. And if the cancer doesn’t kill her before she finds the cure the secrets her mother has hidden from her may be the beginning of the end.

Can she reach her destiny before tragedy strikes?


I had a lot of fun reading this book. I feel like a fan-girl, but I am adding Jessie Lane to my authors to watch list.

We jump right in getting to know Kay from the beginning, but it’s not too descriptive. Lane shows and tells us necessary information but she found the perfect balance. At first, I thought The Burning Star might fall into the cliched boy meets girl, instant love, etc…but the author broke that mold quickly.

Kay has cancer and she and her mom have just moved, again. Kay tries to hide the pain from her mother; she puts on a brave face so as not to worry her mom. Kay is not a cliched lead character. I appreciated her strength, sarcasm, and realism. I love knowing what’s going on in her head because it’s usually damn funny. She’s a self-deprecating spitfire who won’t take crap from anyone.

There’s a lot going on in Kay’s new world. She meets Ryan and Nick right away, having no idea that they are not what they seem. Once she meets them it’s as if her world goes on fast-forward. She learns about beings she’d only previously read about. Kay is being given so much information about herself and the “other” world, it’s overwhelming. She held her ground, took things in stride. I felt she handled it well, considering her foundation was knocked out from under her.

Kay carefully considers her choices. They weigh on her mind as she tries to understand the far-reaching affects her choices could have on others. She shows a great deal of maturity in how she considers Nick’s offer of protection.

Lane keeps the reader’s attention with her clever plot twists and her vivid imagery. Lane lays out the world of supernatural beings and their customs. I think this might be the best book I’ve read describing the other realms and races of supernatural beings and their ancestry. I especially loved the back-story of the wolves.

The points of view change frequently but not in a confusing way. I felt the character development was heightened by being in their head. It also allowed us to know what the enemy was up to. Kay is the lead character but we get to know Nick, Ryan, Kira and Kane as well.

In fact, I’ve become attached to Kira as well and cannot wait to know more of her story. Kira’s story is sad and one I understand well as I dealt with an abusive parent. Her strength of character was impressive. She manages to go on despite not having any kindness or love in her life.

I would suggest this book to everyone because it has a bit of everything. There’s enough male humor for the guys and just enough femininity for the girls. It’s a well written book with a solid story line. In my opinion it’s a must read. I intend to make sure I follow the series.