4 star


The Breed Next Door

Breeds, Book #6

By Lora Leigh

ISBN# 9781101101278

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the-breed-next-doorLion Breed, Tarek Jordan suffered great torments while in one of the Breed labs.  He wasn’t the good little soldier they wanted and he was beaten often, when he stepped out of line.  His trainers drilled it into his head that he’s not human, he’s nothing more than an animal, a tool for them to use as they see fit.  He will never find love because, who would love an animal?  Not even God could love him as he was created not born.  He is still tormented by nightmares of his time in the lab, and the things he was told are never far from his mind. He’s free now, trying to live his life like a normal human, but he knows it for the lie it is.

He’s now trying to hunt down one of the very trainers that hurt him.  But when he finds an intruder trying to break into his beautiful neighbor’s house, his protective instincts take over and he soon discovers Lyra is actually his mate, the one person made for him!  His kiss will set free a passion unlike anything either of them has ever experienced.

This was a pretty quick read that can easily be finished in one sitting.  But for it being such a short installment, it was pretty good.  The story did not suffer from the shortened story and I left it feeling that the tale was complete and it was a solid four stars.

I did enjoy Tarek.  He had been beaten down by his trainers for so long, made to believe he was unlovable.  It was great to see all those notions being proven wrong in this story.  The quote at the end of this story was absolutely perfect!

“He wasn’t completely human.  But neither was he an animal.  He was a Breed who had found his mate, and his life.”

My only real complaint in this story was that the ending with the intruders coming in to attack Lyra while Tarek was in the shower seemed a little too similar to what happened in Callan’s story!   We were also introduced to Lyra’s family around the same time, which also reminded me of Merinus’s brothers.

I was really happy that this story wasn’t long enough to show a jerk streak in Tarek, like I’ve seen in so many of the other males in this series!  It’s one of the better tales I’ve read so far in the franchise.  And I’m excited to read the next book!