4 star

The Boyfriend List

By Jeannie Moon

Forever Love, Book #5

ISBN: 9780698405899

Author’s website:

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“Jeannie Moon always delivers a feel-good, warm-your-heart…story,”(New York Times bestselling author Carly Phillips) and now the author of The Second Chance Hero and The Wedding Secret does it again with her new Forever Love Story…

Jenna Albanese planned it all out at thirteen when she listed the qualities she wanted in her perfect man. Years later, she thought she’d found him. When all she got was a broken heart, Jenna tucked away the boyfriend list—and her belief in happy ever after.

Nate Bayard has a life most people only dream of—he’s a handsome high-caliber polo player and partner in a multibillion dollar business. But as intelligent and confident as he is on the field and in the boardroom, he’s hopeless with women—until he meets the sweet and funny Jenna. She’s just about perfect, and Nate’s determined to make her his. There’s just one little problem. Jenna’s unwelcome past is about to make a comeback.

For Jenna, overcoming her mistrust in men—particularly rich ones—isn’t going to be easy. Then she comes across that old boyfriend list and realizes that maybe it’s time for another look and a few changes to bring a brand new beat to her romantic heart.


This story is fresh and delightful and would appeal to anyone looking for a good light romance. Jeannie Moon again has developed her characters so that the reader becomes immersed in their stories. I for one liked how she took the characters from her previous book the Second Chance Hero and intertwined the plots. Both books can stand alone but it was really nice if you had read the other book to blend and recall the characters from both. I know I loved this aspect and although it had been some time since I read the Second Chance Hero the story and characters came back to me immediately.

Jenna comes with a past that caused her to mistrust rich powerful men. Nate seems to be different but can she trust him or herself to make sound decisions. Her family thwarts her at every turn and even friends question their decisions. When she looks at her old boyfriend prerequisites Nate meets every point but when her past comes back to haunt her she does not know if love will sustain all.

Nate is a billionaire who has never found anyone like Jenna. Determined to make her his, Nate knows that he will have to gain her trust and make her realize that he wants the simple things out of life in spite of his money. He will protect their love at all costs even if it means he must assert himself to make a decision that will change everyone’s lives.

I loved the family dynamics of Jenna’s large Italian family and it provided much comic relief. This was really evident when Nate and Jenna’s father confront each other. The whole book was well written and had me not wanting to put it down until it was finished. I look forward to more books by Jeannie Moon.