The Bourbon Kings

The Bourbon Kings, Book #2

By J.R. Ward

ISBN# 9780698193031

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the-bourbon-kingsOwners of one of the biggest bourbon distilleries, The Bradford Bourbon Company, The Baldwines have never had to want for much.  But parental love is something that always seemed to be lacking, and one that has fractured the family in seemingly unrepairable ways.

The youngest son Lane has been living in New York for the past two years, playing poker and crashing on his buddy’s couch.  But when he receives a call that his mother is in the emergency room and not expected to live long.  He flies home.  It’s not his biological mother that he’s rushing home for though, but one of the servants that has raised him, Miss Aurora.

Miss Aurora seems fine once he arrives home, but seeing the love of his life, the head horticulturist for the family, Lizzie, brings everything crashing back to Lane.  Including his desire for the natural beauty.  But events tore the couple apart and Lizzie does not want to repeat the past.  Plus there is the fact that Lane is married, even if they have lived apart for the majority of their union.  A marriage in name only, Lane is ready to put an end to it, but Chantal has her own hand to deal out, one that could make the past repeat itself, and bring heartbreak to Lizzie once again.

I really did enjoy this book.  It’s totally different from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series I’ve read of Ward’s, but is just as engaging!  The characters and storyline have a way of drawing you in, and not letting you put this book down!

I loved Lane.  He was a stand-up kind of guy, unlike his father.  And, doing what he felt was right is what lost him the love his life two years ago, only to be betrayed by his wife.  Now he will stop at nothing to end his fluke of marriage and win back the love of his woman.  But things truly seem to be coming at Lane from every side as he finds out how his father very well may have ruined the company and their family.  And, it’s up to Lane to fix it!

Lizzie was a strong character as well.  Working for the Baldwines and buying her own piece of heaven her own ranch property.  She struggles with protecting her heart from Lane, but can’t deny the passion she feels for him.

Lane’s sister Gin seems like the typical spoiled rich brat.  But even she doesn’t deserve to have to deal with that jerk of a fiancé she’s taken solely to keep herself living in the lifestyle she’s used to.  Sometimes the price is just too high and I hope she realizes that before she walks down the aisle with this swine.  Hopefully Samuel T finds out the reasons behind what’s going on and fights for what should be his!

But nothing is as sad as what happened to Lane’s brother, Edward.  And, I can only hope that Lane will be able to convince him to come back into the fold of the family in future installments of the series.

As you can see there are a lot of interesting characters in this series and I can’t wait to read more about them all … and it looks like maybe this whole series will focus on Lane and Lizzie, at least the next book appears to … it could make for a fun and passionate time indeed!

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