The Book Stops Here

Bibliophile Mystery, Book #8

By Kate Carlisle

ISBN: 9780451415981

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You never know what treasures can be found in someone’s attic. Unfortunately for bookbinder Brooklyn Wainwright, some of them are worth killing for.…

Brooklyn Wainwright is thrilled to be appearing on the San Francisco edition of the hit TV show This Old Attic as a rare-book expert and appraiser. Her first subject is a very valuable first-edition copy of the classic children’s story The Secret Garden, which is owned by a flower vendor named Vera.

Once she hears what her book is worth, Vera is eager to have Brooklyn recondition it for resale. But after the episode airs, a furious man viciously accosts Brooklyn, claiming that Vera found the first edition at his garage sale, and he wants it back—or else. Brooklyn is relieved that she’s put The Secret Garden in a safe place, but Randolph Rayburn, the handsome host of This Old Attic, is terrified by the man’s threats. He confides in Brooklyn that he fears he is being stalked. He doesn’t know who might have targeted him, or why.

In the days that follow, several violent incidents occur on the set, and Brooklyn is almost killed, leaving both her and her security expert boyfriend, Derek, shaken. Is someone after Brooklyn and the book? Or has Randolph’s stalker become more desperate? And then Brooklyn visits Vera’s flower shop…and discovers her dead. Is the murderer one of the two obvious suspects, or is something more sinister—even bizarre—going on? Brooklyn had better find the clever killer soon or more than her chance at prime time may be canceled…permanently.


The Book Stops Here is the 8th installment in author Kate Carlisle’s Bibliophile Mystery series. The main character Brooklyn Wainwright has the chance of a lifetime. She has been asked to appear on the San Francisco edition of This Old Attic. As excited as Brooklyn is, finding a first edition copy of The Secret Garden is even more thrilling. This series is one of my favorites, filled with an amazing cast of characters, well written mysteries and it always deals with books. What more could a reader of cozies ask for! Brooklyn is a great main character and along with her sexy boyfriend, security guru Derek, she has the guts, intellect, and humor to find the answers.

Brooklyn is very excited to be given the first edition of The Secret Garden to value. Surprises pop up when Vera, the owner, is accused of taking the book from a man’s garage and he wants it back. Instead of Brooklyn enjoying her brush with fame, she is accosted by this man. Things start happening on the set as well. The host fears he is being stalked, violence finds its way to the set and Brooklyn is glad she has the valuable book safely stored. When murder strikes, she finds herself engulfed in the turmoil and has to step up to find out who and why these things are happening.

Kate Carlisle’s writing style is enjoyable and easy, intriguing and filled with depth. She is able to keep several side mysteries and fun going at the same time. The reader is kept guessing and the suspense builds as each page is turned. I love this series and this one did not fail to keep me wanting more. The characters are well developed, enjoyable and smart. The settings are always fun and this one was hilarious and familiar. There is always humor in this series and I for one, love it.

The Book Stops Here is a well written, suspenseful, fabulous cozy. You do not have to read the previous books in this series to enjoy this one. Although, I highly recommend you do for the sheer pleasure. Kate Carlisle is an amazing author that can combine mystery and intrigue with humor and fun. She is able to have several mysteries going at the same time, yet keep the reader on top of them and trying to turn the pages faster and faster to get to the bottom of them. The characters hop off the pages with life and depth. This is a truly enjoyable book, a fast page turner that keeps you guessing till the end.


*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review as part of their ongoing blog tour*