True Blood
Season 5, Episode 7

Brought to you by OBS staff member Heidi

Sookie and Jason are still at the club in Faery and Sookie is unconscious after the blast she received from the fae. They check her luminescence and decide that she is using too much of her magic and tell her that if she continues to use it up she will no longer be fae. The idea of being ‘normal’ appeals to Sookie and she goes home shooting out blasts of magic to try and use it all up.

Jason goes to visit Jessica at Bill’s mansion and she was feeding off of someone. She comes down to talk to him and he tells her that his parents were killed by a vampire. They kiss and he tastes blood on her mouth and gets upset. Jessica bites him and he shoots her in the head, knowing she’ll heal. She tells him to leave and he does. When he goes outside he sees the lights that Sookie is shooting off and goes to investigate.

Hoyt is taken in by the hate group that’s going around killing the sups and says he feels more love with them then he’s ever felt with anybody else. He also declares that he hates Jessica. They give him a mask and head out.

Eric and Bill are in their cell again discussing how someone betrayed them to bring Roman’s killer right to him. Eric confesses that he thinks that Nora dug up Russell. Then the two are taken to meet with Chancellor Agrippa. She, Nora, and Russell are taking over the leadership of the authority and no longer want to mainstream. Agrippa confesses she dug up Russell. They want everyone in the room to drink the blood of Lilith. One of the council member states that what they are saying is blasphemy and Russell kills him. They all drink the blood of Lilith and go out on the town. They ended up crashing a private party and kill everyone there. The form of Lilith appears out of a drop of blood. Eric sees Godric who tells him what they are doing is wrong and that Eric knows it. He goes on to tell him that Nora doesn’t and for Eric to save her.

The wolves’ packmaster gives the wolves V and tries to give some to Emma. Martha walks in just in time and takes her away, appalled at her husband’s actions.

Sam goes to visit Luna in the hospital after visiting hours and smells one of the men that shot them and attacks.

Lafayette goes to Jesus’s evil uncles and ends up getting tied up and having his lips sewn shut. He has his pregnant wife lying on the floor and plans to get his family’s magic back by having his wife drink the blood from Lafayette’s brain. But the wife gets up and stabs him to death right before he opens up Lafayette’s skull. She then cuts the stitches free in Lafayette’s mouth.

Tara is dancing at Fangtasia and her mom comes in telling her that she is a minister’s wife and how she can’t have her daughter being a vampire and tells her she is no longer her daughter (hasn’t she disowned her before?). Tara is upset and is crying in Pam’s office. Pam tells her that in a hundred years she won’t even remember her. Tara gives her a hug and Pam tells her to get back to work.

There was a lot going on in this episode, but overall I found this installment to just be weird and was constantly asking myself ‘what the fuck just happened?’ But Alcide was looking awfully hot in his training session (ruff ruff). And, I kind of enjoyed Jason shooting Jessica in the head because she has really been getting on my nerves this season. Oh and I don’t like Pam’s hair crimped