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We are back with another round of Top 10 “The Avengers” quotes. If you missed our first round, feel free to visit part 1 to check them out. Enjoy!


  • “Are you ever not going to fall for that?” -Loki
  • “Son . . . just don’t.” -Captain America
  • “The Avenger’s. It’s what we call ourselves. We’re kind of a team.” -Tony Stark
  • “Please tell me nobody kissed me.” -Tony Stark
  • “Just like Budapest all over again.” -Black Widow
  • “You and I remember Budapest very differently.” -Hawkeye
  • “Puny god.” -Hulk
  • “That’s my secret Captain. I’m always angry.” -Bruce Banner
  • “Hulk . . . smash.” -Captain America
  • “Super Hero’s in New York? Give me a break.” -Stan Lee


I was so concentrated in the movie that I almost forgot about Stan Lee and his cameos for the Marvel movies. I was expecting for one of the Avengers to save him at some point during the fight scenes or for him to the one that found the Hulk when he fell 😉 Were any of this quotes some of your favorites? Which other quote do you remember that you liked?