Brought to you by OBS reviewer Bridget Strahin



Hopefully by now our readers have seen the Avengers and we’re not spoiling anyone … hopefully. In that case, we present to you some of or reviewer’s favorite top 10 movie quotes. Enjoy!


  • “What is this, Shakespeare in the park?” – Iron Man
  • “Are you here to kill me Romanoff? ‘Cause that’s not going to go well for anyone.” – Bruce Banner
  • “Phil? Uhh his first name is Agent.” – Tony Stark
  • “I sort of met you. I watched you . . . while you were sleeping.” -Phil
  • “Make your move Reindeer Games.” -Iron Man
  • “There’s only one God ma’am. And I’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress like that.” -Captain America
  • “Does mother know you wearith her drapes?” -Iron Man
  • “Loki’s head is a bag of cats. You can smell crazy.” -Bruce Banner
  • “He’s adopted.” -Thor
  • “Last time I was in New York, I kinda . . . broke Harlem.” -Bruce Banner


I’m a fan of Marvel and didn’t know what to expect from this movie after the Hulk and Spider-man movies experiences, but I really enjoyed watching The Avengers, I didn’t wanted it to end ;). It makes me want too see a sequel. Don’t you think? Which quote do you remember that was your favorite? I have to say that Iron Man had some of the funniest ones, but Thor saying “he’s adopted” was unexpected!