The Asylum Interviews: Trixie
The Asylum Tales, Book #0.6
By Jocelynn Drake
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The Asylum Interviews: Trixie is a fun little short story to get you all pumped up for Drake’s new series, The Asylum Tales.  It’s actually the second prequel to the series, but unfortunately I did not have the pleasure of reading the first, which was about Bronx, the troll.  But even though I missed out on the first prequel I didn’t feel like I missed anything.

Gage was a warlock-in-training who didn’t like how things were being run where he trained, at the Ivory Towers, and escaped.  He still has his magical powers, but struggles to keep them a secret.  Now he runs a tattoo parlor called Asylum and I can’t help, but think what a cool name that is for a tattoo shop!

In this book, Gage met up with his ex-girlfriend and vampire, Jo, only to discover that she has been living in town for a month and is being controlled by a ruthless master vampire, Chester.

Jo also told Gage about a friend of hers that was looking for a job as a tattoo artist.  He agrees to interview her friend, Trixie.  But during the interview Trixie pleads with Gage to help her free Jo from Chester’s rule.  So now the two of them along with Bronx are on a mission to save Jo before Chester can hurt her any further.

I’m really not a big fan of short stories, but I did really enjoy this one.  Gage was a fun character and I loved him trying to make Trixie think he was an asshole when everything he did proved the opposite.

“Fan-fucking-tastic. Not only were Jo and Trixie in danger from this master vampire, but Trixie’s beleif in my prickishness was fading fast.

Priorities. I need to focus on getting Jo free of Chester permanently while protecting Trixie from any backlash from the master vampire. I could always prove to her later that I was a dick.”

Gage definitely makes me anxious for the first full-length novel of the series, Angel’s Ink (expected to be published in October)!

The only thing I really didn’t get was why this book was titled after Trixie, when she really wasn’t a prominent character in the book, taking a backseat to Gage, Jo, and even Bronx.  But overall it doesn’t matter that much.  This book was a lot of fun and a very quick read.  I will definitely be continuing this series!

* Please note this review was based on an advance reader copy of this book and quotes are subject to change.