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The Powers That Be over at Lost have been saying that the sixth and final season will answer our questions—most of them, anyway—while it changes the game for our favorite mysterious island survivors. Well, we’ve compiled a list of things they’d better answer. Or else.

To recap: Jack’s theory that setting off the bomb would reset everything and keep the plane from crashing in the first place is as good as any theory we’ve heard about the island or the survivors since the show started.

According to the producers, actors who played dead characters are returning. Juliet hit that bomb and the screen went white. Could resetting things in 1977 reset Jacob’s death?

Well, call us skeptical, but we’re thinking it isn’t that easy.

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I will hand pick one to comment on and add a question to this list, or else I’ll be here till Sunday.

No. 60: I think Ben became the leaders of The Others, because when young Ben was shot, by  Sayid, it changed island history; he was brought to the others for help and could never go back.  Hence, growing up with The Others, his personality type, etc, etc…all lent itself to him being leader.

A question not on this list and no one seems to be asking: This might sound sketchy but the details escape me, for this was never revisted and was only on one episode. What ever happened to that couple, who had jewels (diamonds I think) who were being shot at on the beach?  They hid the diamonds in the sand, far enough away from the ocean tide, and ultimately they were shot. Hence the jewels lost forever. Does anyone not remember this? What was the point to all of that?  Why was it never revisited?

The writer’s of ‘Lost’ write story arcs into the show for a reason. Everything has meaning. I know I’m stating the obvious, but I have a feeling we’ll never know about this one.  Above all else, this sticks in my mind the most.

I don’t believe all of our questions will be answered. That would be too neat, tidy and boring. ‘Lost’ needs to answer most, and not enough, so it can go down in history like ‘Sopranos’ did, with a “what the hell happened” ending, and not the ‘The X Files’ way with a “why did I waste all my time and never get ANY answers” ending.

What questions linger in your mind that you want answers to?