Thanks to Samantha Holloway at Jacksonville TV Examiner

This fall, like every fall, there’s piles of new shows to watch and even more returning shows to catch back up on, but there’s only so much time in a life, so here are ten shows we’re excited about here:

2. V: It doesn’t start until November, which means we have to wait another age and a half after the rest of TV starts to catch it, but the cast looks amazing, containing several people we love from other shows we’ve adored, and we’re fans of the original series. So far, in the clips that have been released, it looks like it’ll be pretty intense and very real, and that’s the best way to handle it; the original show may have been campy sometimes, but it wasn’t because it had a campy idea.


4. The Vampire Diaries: There hasn’t been a decent teen vampire show to indulge in since Buffy (and to some extent, Angel) went off the air, and we’re just hoping that it actually is different from Twilight and all it’s sappiness. It’s teamed up with Supernatural, which can be surprisingly scary and tense when it wants to be, so maybe that’s an indication of where they’re aiming?

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Personally, I’m most excited about V, Eastwick and Stargate Universe, but I think all of the shows look good, which is rare.

Are there any on here you’ve been looking forward to? Are there any you think should have made the list but didn’t?