Stiles takes Scott out to the woods to help him clear his mind of Allison to get drunk. Scott doesn’t drink but Stiles totally gets wasted. Two guys come out of the woods and take the liquor bottle. Scott threatens the one guy to give the bottle back. He gets the bottle back and throws it. Scott and Stiles leave. The black wolf plays with the other two guys in the woods and kills them.

Allison goes to school with her dad and aunt. Allison’s dad and aunt argue while leaving. Stiles asks his dad at school if they found Derek yet. His dad says no that they are still looking. Scott goes to class and sees Allison. Scott and Stiles have to take a test. Scott’s hearing intensifies..his eyes blur and sees things on the test that should not be there. Scott runs out of the classroom and Stiles takes after him.Stiles finds him in the locker room. Scott tells him that he can’t breathe. Stiles gives him his aspirator and tells him to use it. Stiles tells him that he had a panic attack.

Stiles tells Scott that he will lock him in his room tonight because of the full moon. Scott tells him that he better do it because he feels he could kill someone.

Allison’s dad,aunt and others have a meeting at his house about catching the alpha wolf. Allison sits with Jackson at lunch. Scott goes to lacrosse practice with Stiles. Scott is elected co-captain of the team by the coach. Jackson is not happy with that. Stiles asks Scott to ask Lydida if she likes him. Scott goes down the hall to talk to Lydia. Scott instead asks her if Allison still likes him. Lydia says she does as a friend only. Scott then kisses Lydia. Stiles asks Scott when they get on the field what Lydia said. Scott lies and tells Stiles that Lydia really likes him.

Scott and Stiles start practicing on the field. Scott’s anger intensifies when some teammates don’t play fairly. Scott gets a goal in and then leaves the field. Allison goes to the sports store and runs into Jackson. They talk about sports and etc.

Scott is locked up in his room by Stiles to the radiator with handcuffs. The full moon comes out and Scott is screaming for Stiles to let him go. Scott stops and changes into the wolf and escapes through the window. Stiles opens the door and find Scott is gone. Scott runs to the school’s parking lot.

He sees Allison and Jackson talking in the car together. His anger returns and he thinks the two of them are making out. He jumps on the roof of Jackson’s car. Derek comes in time before Scott does something stupid and they fight in the woods.

Stiles is driving home and comes across a crime scene. He sees his dad there and wants to know about the victim. Derek gets Scott home. Scott asks Derek if there is a cure where he doesn’t have to be a wolf. Derek says that you have to kill the wolf that bit you which is the Alpha. Derek tells Scott that if he helps him find the Alpha, Derek will kill it for him.

Allison’s dad and Aunt Kate come across the crime scene that Stiles is at. Allison’s dad asks Aunt Kate which one is Stiles and she points him out.

Meanwhile, Jackson gets home and finds a fingernail lodged in the corner of his car door. He starts have flashbacks and pulls out Scott’s lacrosse glove. He puts two and two together and figures out that Scott is a werewolf.