The lacrosse team win their game and they are going to State for the championships. Scott is looking for Stiles and can’t find him.

Jackson tells Scott he has 3 days to get him what he wants or he will go to the winter formal with Allison. The Alpha which is Derek’s uncle and Derek team up. They corner Scott in the locker room and tells him that he has to do what the Alpha says. Scott doesn’t like that idea and Derek’s uncle scratches him with his own memories planted in Scott’s brain. We find out that the one girl found dead in the woods was Derek’s sister that was murdered by the Alpha by mistake.

Allison tells Lydia that Jackson asked her to go to the winter formal…and wanted to know if that was okay with her. Lydia wasn’t too thrilled about it but said okay. Allison goes into the woods to test out her family’s weapons to see how they work.

Meanwhile, Stiles starts figuring out the Alpha’s motives. Allison finds out more about her family and what they are. She overheard her father and Aunt Kate in the garage while she was looking for her family heirloom that she lost while sitting in her car. She looks at some unique arrow points in the garage and her Aunt Kate spies on her.

The Alpha gets to Scott’s mom and coerces her to get what he wants.

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