Scott jumps from the cars to the roof of the school to escape. Allison’s dad get her out of the bus. Meanwhile,Stiles and the Alpha are by Lydia’s body-he tells Stiles to call Jackson to pick up Lydia. Then they leave the area in Stiles’ car. Allison’s dad makes Allison and Aunt Kate go on a road trip after what Allison has experienced.

Scott gets to the animal lab after fleeing from the school in the woods. He senses trouble when he is at the lab. Lydia is finally at the hospital and is trying to recover and Jackson gets questioned by Stiles’s dad on who did this to her.

Stiles and the Alpha use a computer and Scott’s cell phone to find Derek. Scott is being chased in the woods by another werewolf. Allison goes to the hospital to see Lydia. The Alpha asks Stiles if he wants to be a werewolf. Stiles refuses. Stiles gets to the hospital to see Lydia and is confronted by his father. Scott finds the house where Derek has been kept at before Derek was going to be tortured.

Stiles and Jackson are then cornered at the hospital by Allison’s dad and his crew asking where they can find Scott.

Scott and Derek escape the house that Derek was at. Derek gets shot by a arrow from Allison’s bow. Derek and Scott run from Allison and Aunt Kate. Kate shoots Derek with a gun. Kate is about to shoot Scott when Allison’s dad shows up. Allison’s dad threatens Kate to stop or he will shoot her. She complies. They hear a noise coming from the house in the woods. Scott says it is the Alpha. The Alpha runs out as the wolf and starts attacking them.

He throws Kate on the porch of the house and drags her inside. Allison runs into the house to save Aunt Kate. The Alpha makes Aunt Kate apologize for killing his family and almost him in the house fire that occurred 5 years ago. She apologizes. The Alpha then kills Kate in front of Allison.

The Alpha tells Allison that Kate’s apology was not true or heartfelt. Derek and Scott arrive on the scene and fight the Alpha. Allison runs out of the house. She looks for her dad.

The Alpha fully changes back into the wolf. He throws Scott out a window. Stiles and Jackson get to the house and throw a special liquid on the Alpha that makes him burn. The Alpha slowly turns back into Derek’s uncle while still burning.

Scott and Allison kiss. Allison tells Scott that she loves him. Allison’s dad wakes up from being knocked out.

Derek comes out of hiding. He kills the Alpha and takes his place as ruler of the clan.

Stiles’s dad finds Kate’s body. Scott and Stiles go to the hospital to see Lydia. Scott tells Stiles that she should have healed by now. Her wounds are still fresh. Scott tells Stiles that she isn’t a werewolf.

Scott and Allison hold each other on the roof of her house looking at the moon.