Here is a recap of what went down in Episode 4 of Teen Wolf.

A lady is driving in a car when a werewolf is chasing her. It tries to attack her at a stop sign. She tries to attack him with a knife and then gets out and shoots at it with a gun. Unfortunately she shoots the wrong werewolf, Derrick and Scott wakes up from his sleep.

Derrick gets hit by the bullet and is trying to find Scott at school…he falls down in the parking lot. Scott gets Stiles to take him somewhere safe…Derrick tells him he needs to find out who shot him and what is in the bullet.

Scott goes to Allison’s house after school to study. They start making out in the garage. Allison’s dad catches them and tells them to bring in the groceries. Allison’s aunt Kate is with her dad and everyone is introduced. Allison’s dad wants Scott to go home but Kate makes him stay for dinner. Scott figures out that Kate is the one who shot Derrick.

Scott goes to the bathroom and locates Kate’s bag which has the bullets in it. He takes one out and takes a picture of the box. He sends the picture to Stiles and figures out the bullet has wolfsbane in it. Derrick tells Stiles to tell Scott to hurry becuase he needs the bullet. Scott tries to leave but Kate accuses him of going through his bag. Allison comes to the rescue and says that she went through her bag looking for a condom. Scott leaves the house and goes to the animal clinic where Stiles and Derrick are. Scott gives Derrick the bullet which he opens up with his mouth..the contents come out in a vapor that he breathes in…the rest of the residue he puts on his bullet wound. It really stings but seals up his wound.

Allison’s dad and Kate are working together to take down the Alpha pack of werewolves which apparently Scott is a member of.

Have you been watching Teen Wolf?