Aunt Kate has captured Derek and put him in a setup with a electrocution machine. Aunt Kate tells Allison about the werewolves in town and their mission to capture them all and kill them. She tells Allison to go to school and act normal. Allison gets pulled over by Stile’s dad for driving too fast.

Scott was injured and being looked at by his boss in the Animal lab. The Alpha comes to the lab trying to obtain Scott. He leaves due to arguing with Scott’s boss.

Scott looks for his phone when he gets home and can’t find it. He thinks Derek took it before he was captured. Scott’s lacrosse coach tells him that he can’t go to the formal or he won’t play in the game on Saturday. He tells Scott if he shows up to the formal he will be kicked out. Scott talks to Jackson about taking Allison to the formal–Jackson doesn’t want to until Scott coerces him into doing it.

Allison and Lydia go dress shopping–Lydia tells Allison she will buy her a dress–Allison agrees to it if Lydia will go with Stiles to the dance.

Allison runs into the Alpha without knowing it while looking at dresses.

Kate interrogates Derek and finally figures out that Scott is a werewolf. Scott gets ready for the formal. His mom talks to him and tells him that he should tell Allison how he feels about her. Jackson takes Allison to the formal. They get to the school and he starts drinking. Lydia arrives with Stiles to the formal. Scott sneaks into the formal by the rooftop and gets inside and sees the Alpha. Allison asks Jackson to dance. He really doesn’t want to but does it anyway. Stiles asks Lydia to dance…she doesn’t want to either until Stiles complements her on her intelligence and she complies.

Scott gets spotted by his lacrosse coach and tells him to leave. Scott tells him he came to dance and coerces the coach. Scott finally gets a dance with Allison.

Jackson starts walking in the woods outside the school. He runs into Allison’s dad. They make a deal of sorts which they don’t reveal.

Scott and Allison kiss on the dance floor. He tells her that he loves her. Allison is happy and kisses him again. Lydia is worried about Jackson and goes outside and walks to the football field. The lights come on and she gets bit by the Alpha. Stiles tells the Alpha not to kill her–the Alpha won’t kill her if Stiles tells him where Derek is. Stiles tells him that Derek has Scott’s phone and if they can track his GPS on the phone they can find where he is.

Scott and Allison go outside on the school’s parking lot and they go to the school buses. Allison wants to get on one and make out. She goes inside the bus when Scott is trapped by Allison’s dad and crew with their cars. Scott jumps up when they try to run him over and he turns into the wolf. He looks up and sees Allison who is scared.

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