Teatime with Mrs. Grammar Person

By Barbara Venkataraman

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Andra


Fear not, Gentle Writer, Mrs. Grammar Person is here and she has the answers to all of the questions you never thought to ask. As a dedicated and serious grammarian, she will do what it takes to be entertaining and enlightening, but never vulgar or coarse. Heavens, no! Where are her smelling salts? Warm and witty, Mrs. G.P. makes grammar interesting with rhyming, wishful thinking, story-telling and a champagne toast. You are cordially invited to join her for a spot of tea!


What a refreshing wonderful book.  I am a BIG champion of proper grammar and this book delivered in spades…with humor, wit and levity.  Mrs. Grammar Person imparts useful grammatical information in a fun manner that will appeal to each reader who picks up this book.

One of my favorite quotes (though realistically….I loved the whole book!!!!):

“In truth, Mrs. G. P. gets it, but fervently hopes that “get” is a word you choose to forget. Excellent writing, (the only kind that merits discussion) has no place for such a silly word, a word tossed about hither and yon, a word which is the first and last resort of a lazy lay-about.”

Or how about:

“In a stage whisper, Mrs. Grammar Person explains that although she is your true friend, spell-check is not. Spell-check is fickle and delights in trickery. He will make you believe that it’s morning when, in fact, you’re in mourning, or that you should waver when you are seeking a waiver.”

This is the fourth book I have read by this author and I must say…I LOVED this book.    I will certainly keep this short (32 pages) book handy as a reference tool in future writing endeavors. I plan to share it will my high schooler as well 🙂  And let us not forget the little love story that is incorporated within the story….very cute!!!

*OBS would like to thank the author for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*