The upcoming science-fiction epic is James Cameron’s first feature film since 1997’s Titanic.

So what is Avatar? Conceived in the mind of James Cameron about 14 years ago before the technology to create it even existed, it has been described as a “3D science fiction epic” and stars Sam Worthington (of recent Terminator Salvation fame) as the story’s protagonist, a former Marine named Jake Sully. Now before you go crying foul at yet another space marine in a science-fiction story, let me remind you that it is a tried-and-true concept that has shown its efficacy in countless video games and movies.

Jake Sully travels to a lush alien world called Pandora where he meets an enigmatic alien race known as the Na’vi. Human and aliens inevitably clash, and Jake, caught up in the drama, must choose a side.

Avatar is filmed using state-of-the-art “virtual cameras”.

Avatar will be released this December

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This movie sounds pretty interesting. I love star wars so if it’s anything like that I’m going to have to go see it. And I love Sam Worthington

Are you planing on seeing AVATAR? Do you like Sam Worthington’s work? Do you like James Cameron’s movies?