Title: Take Me Home: A Bodyguard Christmas Story

By:  Alison Foster

ASIN: B019G5X704

Author’s Website: http://authoralisonfoster.wix.com/alisonfoster

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Andra

Synopsis:  Take Me Home

This is not a story of elves or chimneys or huge snow monsters in a blizzard. This is not that kind of Christmas story. Well, there is kind of this big beastly creature in almost a blizzard, but that’s Tanner, the brutish muscle cake of a bodyguard that my father sends after me whenever I try to disappear. 

I hate Tanner except when he gets too close and then everything goes haywire a little, like the time he tracked me down in a remote Canadian motel with the snow falling outside and the heat rising inside. He tried to drag me back home for the holidays on this mega road trip, but things got weird and kinda strangely awesome, but that can’t happen because my father will literally kill us both. It’s that kind of Christmas story. 

*This novelette is a Christmas story featuring Tanner Hayes, the bodyguard from Scandal* 


I am new to the writing of Alison Foster.  So, being the cautious reader that I am, I chose to read Take Me Home: A Bodyguard Christmas Story as the first book by Ms. Foster….a novella to get my feet wet.

While not a huge fan of novella’s (I usually find that I am left wanting more at the end), this novella had a sufficient story-line with the appropriate amount of depth to keep me entertained and engaged throughout. True praise for the writer as I now want more of this story….so I shall just have to get Bodyguard Dearest to read more about Tris and Tanner.

Vivid imagery in the storytelling had me totally involved so that I could barely put the book down until I had consumed it in its entirety:

The reflection from the flames and Christmas lights on his skin, the hunger in his eyes as he glances at me… too much, it’s entirely too much.”

I really enjoyed the part where Tris internally ruminates after having been intimate with Tanner:

He helped me tonight, though; he helped me regain sight of something, a connection to my heart and soul. He let me experience the most sublime pleasures. It’s better to pursue what you want than run away from what you don’t. Can life really be so simple?  

And let me not get started about the intimate description of their lovemaking.  I found that it was told with just the right amount of sizzle and detail…left my imagination to fill in some blanks (which is frankly just the way I like reading intimate scenes).  The chemistry between Tris and Tanner seemed off the charts.  

I enjoyed this brief introduction to Alison Fosters writing and will most certainly pick up more books that she has written.