Take a Number

Wait with me, Book #4

By Amy Daws

ISBN# 9781944565336

Author’s Website:  https://amydawsauthor.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Norah Donahue is all work and no play as she runs her successful bakery in Boulder, Colorado.  She is in the process of opening a second bakery in Denver thanks to her silent investor, Dean.  And, after that, she has plans for starting her own franchise!  The sky is the limit for her future. 

Unfortunately, her mother doesn’t understand her all business attitude.  She’s always wanting to play matchmaker for Norah.  Especially now that her best friend’s son, Nate, is moving back to town.  Nate and Norah were friends growing up and their parents would be over the moon if the two finally got together.  However, Norah has no romantic interest in Nate or anybody really.  She has no desire to get married or have kids as she tries to make her business a success.

Meanwhile, Dean’s friends, Kate and Lynsey are worried about him.  He’s been dating young girls with no brains and they worry that he is depressed. After growing up watching his parents fight, he’s just afraid that he will be like his old man and would rather stay single forever than to hurt a woman he loves.  You can’t hurt them, if you never love them to begin with!

When Norah and Dean both feel pressure from those close to them to bring dates to functions they must soon attend, they devise a plan.  Neither of them want a relationship so they decide to embark on a fake relationship for three weeks to get them through their commitments.  But what happens when a fake relationship starts to feel very real?  It becomes fight or flight time.  Which will the two ultimately choose?

This is not the first time I’ve met Dean.  He was a secondary character in Lynsey’s book, One Moment Please, which I thoroughly enjoyed!  So it was nice to reconnect with him and his friends.  He seemed like a bit of a player in that book and it continued in this one as well.  Now, I understand it a bit more though as we see him fight the demons of his childhood.

I liked Norah, but she could be a bit of a bore.  It was nice to see Dean slowly pulling her out of her shell.  And, helping her to truly learn how to let go and live, while also having some fun in the process!

This was a decent read, although the couple in question, wasn’t as dynamic as I would have liked.  They weren’t nearly as fun as Lynsey and Dr. Douche were.  But they weren’t bad and they definitely improved as the story progressed.

And, one of these days I’m really going to have to read Kate’s story too.