By Nick Nadel at AMC’s Sci Fi Scanner

Fall is an interesting time for comic book movies. With the big budget superhero spectacles out of the way, Hollywood rolls the dice with non-traditional genre fare. Mysteries, animation, cautionary scifi… anything is possible. Sometimes, the gamble pays off, producing a gem like American Splendor. Other times, we get Samuel L. Jackson in a fur coat in The Spirit. Here’s a preview of the comic book movies Hollywood rolls out this season.


Sherlock Holmes

The comic: Believe it or not, the latest cinematic take on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic detective began life as a comic: Producer Lionel Wigram enlisted acclaimed artist John Watkiss (The Sandman) to draw a series of comic book illustrations to help sell his concept of a swashbuckling, karate-chopping Holmes to Hollywood.

The movie: If the trailer is any indication, Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock has a bouncy, comic book tone: Diving out of windows, popping gadgets out of nowhere, punching out bad guys in slow mo — this Holmes would be more at home in Gotham City than on Baker Street.

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I definitely want to see Sherlock Holmes. I had no idea this version was a comic book first, which actually makes me want to see it more.

Do you read comic books or graphic novels? Do you think these movies will be good or do you know some that would be better?