Rebecca Ellen Kurtz, author of Sons of God, is holding a free book giveaway on her website. The first 5 people to visit her blog and share any true life supernatural experience will win a free copy of her new book.

Rebecca Ellen Kurtz has experienced supernatural events, primarily in the form of physical attacks by demons. Though her new book, Sons of God, is a work of fiction, it was inspired in part by these experiences.

Sons of God tells the story of Raechev, the most powerful female Nephelim – an ancient half-breed race, the children of angels and mortals – still roaming the face of the earth. An evil group of Raechev’s kin Nephelim have enticed a group of scientists to research the DNA of their ancestors in hopes of cloning a destructive horde. When the scientists begin their archaeological dig they begin being possessed or eaten alive in a series of horrifying events. It is now up to Raechev to save the mortals and fight the evil Nephelim, leaving the fate of the world in her hands.

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Umm wow. I’m at a loss for words. Are you interested in reading this book? Why or why not?