True Blood Season 5, episode 11

Brought to you by OBS staff member Heidi

Lilith shows herself to Bill and tells him that only one can lead them and that she chooses him.  She then tells him to drink all of her and encourages him to drink the entire bottle of her blood, but he refrains.  Lilith continues to show herself to him and the other vampires on the council.  When one of the other vampires tells him that Lilith chose him, Bill killed him.

Jessica wants to use Bill’s phone to warn Jason that Russell is on the loose, but Bill refuses to let her telling her that humans are just food and she shouldn’t be concerned with them and their problems.  Jessica then tells Bill that she wants to turn Jason.  Bill knows she’s manipulating him and sends a couple of his men with her to make sure she turns Jason.  Once there, Jessica tries to keep from turning him, but the men inform her that if she doesn’t turn him they will.  Jessica starts to feed on Jason and is crying as they burry them.  Then Jason shoots both of Bill’s men…Jessica had no intention of turning Jason.

Godric appears to Nora and she finally sees what they’ve been doing is wrong.  She goes to Eric’s room and she and Eric have sex and he tells her that he’ll get them both out.  When the military general comes to see them after discovering that the vampires are the ones that blew up the True Blood factories, Eric kills him.  The others panic and Eric tells them that he will go on glamour campaign to glamour all those that know what the general does and Nora agrees to help him.  Bill insists they take a couple of security detail along for backup.  Eric kills them both and Nora and Eric flee.

Another of the council members show up at Fangtasia to investigate Elijah’s death, she was his maker.  Pam tells her that she killed Elijah and is arrested.  She also finds Jessica and takes her back to Bill.  Bill is angry and Jessica for choosing a human over two vamps and smacks her.

Luna and Sam look through the authority compound and find Emma.  But security comes through to grab one of the humans for one of the vamps breakfast.  Sam volunteers and tells Luna to do whatever she has to.

Sookie talks to the oldest fairy to get more information on her Warlow problem, but Jason shows up with the warning about Russell, which sidetracks the fairy.  They set up a plan to have Jason bring Russell to the field so they can attack Russell.  But the elder decides to take him on herself and Russell drains her and then can see the other fairies.

This to me was another boring episode to this incredibly boring season, but hey we at least got to see Alcide shirtless and Eric half naked as well.