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Chapter 10-13

The paramedics came and took Liz away. To keep Chloe calm she was given a sleeping pill, along with her anti hallucination meds. which she didn’t take. Chloe could feel the sleeping pill work so she let sleep overcome her and when she awoke Liz was sleeping next to her. Chloe was determined to help her, as she went to put a comforting hand on her arm, Chloe’s hand went right through. She tumbled off her bed, when she got up she looked and found that Liz was no longer there. This little episode convinced Chloe what the doctors had been trying to tell her all along. She had Schizophrenia. Chloe tried to concentrate on other things during the day, but Liz always came to her mind. Derek and Simon caught up to Chloe in the kitchen, when they started talking to her they could see that something was up, but Chloe was not ready to talk about it just yet. more summary here.

Favorite Quotes:

“Do you want me to try talking to your poltergeist?” – Chloe

“But what if it wasn’t? What if Rae was right, and I was seeing ghost?” – Chloe

“Yeah, but after last night, you have an excuse. Probably didn’t get much sleep, huh?” – Simon

“Slow down.” – Derek


Why do you think Chloe didn’t take her one meds?

Why would Derek want Chloe to look up Necromancers?

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