Summoned to Thirteenth Grave

Charley Davidson, Book #13

By Darynda Jones

ISBN# 9781250149411

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This story picks up where the last book, The Trouble with Twelfth Grave left off.  Charley got exiled from Earth for bringing Amber back to life after her soul had left her body.  Charley was sent to a hell dimension where she lives in complete darkness with only wraiths and her thoughts to keep her company.  For over 100 years she lives in the darkness until she’s pulled out and dumped in the Sahara desert where an angry and still sexy Reyes stalks her!  Turns out in Earth time she’d only been gone 10 days, but it felt like an eternity to Charley and Reyes both!

“He lifted one shoulder in a half-hearted shrug. “That was different. That was a true hell dimension.”

I gaped at him. For, like, a really long time. “I’m sorry,” I said, not the least bit sorry. “Are you suggesting that my hell dimension was less hellish than yours?”

Albuquerque is quickly being swallowed by the hell dimension that Reyes accidentally opened.  By his figures they have three days to stop it before everything is destroyed.  While in exile, the wraiths told Charley to look into her mother’s death to find out how to destroy the hell dimension.  She’s on a race against the clock to discover what everybody has hidden from her all this time.  If she can’t stop it everyone she loves will perish.  Then, who will be left to fight alongside her daughter when the time comes?

I have loved this series from the very beginning.  Charley’s humor and wit. Reyes’s scorching sexiness.  What’s not to love?  Knowing this was the final book in the series has been hard for me.  I struggled to sit down and start reading this novel because I just wasn’t ready for the series to be over and I’m still not!  I’m also not ready to lose another book boyfriend!

“I brightened when Reyes stepped into the small room, one hand behind his back. I’d dried my hair and pulled it into a ponytail for the time being, but I felt wonderful. Clean. Warm. Safe.

“It’s time,” he said as I slipped into a T-shirt and the jeans he’d provided.


He brought his hand around, and it was like the clouds parted and heaven shone down on us. Blessing us. Nurturing our deepest, most primal desires.

“One triple shot mocha latte with extra whipped cream.”

I ran to him and threw my arms around his neck, but only for a second. There was a mocha latte out there calling my name.”

Everybody is shacked up at a warehouse that Reyes bought while the shade demons take over Albuquerque since their apartment is ground zero for the hell dimension they unleashed.  They pull their resources to try and figure out how to stop it and to pull as many of their friends to safety as they can.  A message Charley’s mom gave Gemma to give to her spurs her onward as she tries to figure out how it applies to their current situation.

You would think with the zombie apocalypse upon them, that it might dull the intimacy between Reyes and Charley.  You couldn’t be further from the truth.  Who knows how long they have left together, they had better make it count while they still can!

You can tell the series is starting to wrap up as Charley starts to lose people that are close to her.  People that I expected would always be there.  Of course with this series, I’m sure they can visit in other ways.

I was hoping for an epic conclusion to this great series, but I was a bit disappointed with how it ended.  I expected some sweet sappy scene between Charley and Reyes to be the big finale.  Instead, it didn’t feel like an ending at all.  However, I feel that the way this book ended pretty much guarantees a spin-off series about Beep and Osh.  I’m sure we’ll eventually get to see Charley and Reyes again, but it will probably be some time down the road.  Until we meet again sexy son of Satan …  I guess I’ll have to settle for a sexy slave demon in the meantime.  Maybe some sexy bikers too?  And Garrett?

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