Styx’s Storm

Breeds, Book #16

Wolf Breeds, Book #7

By Lora Leigh

ISBN# 9780425237397

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Storme Montague’s father and brother devoted their lives to helping the Breeds.  Her father was a Council scientist, and once you’re in the Council there is no way out.  So, he did what he could to try to help the Breeds without the Council knowing.  He felt the Breeds were his children since he helped create them.  In fact, Storme felt that the Breeds meant more to him, then she did.  And, in the end, he gave his life for the Breeds.

Storme has hated the Breeds since they night she watched a Coyote Breed rip out her brother’s throat and she knew her father was next.  However, her father and brother had prepared her for that day.  They had an escape plan for her.  She was to run to an old residence they had nearby and wait for them to escape together.  Her father and brother had hidden a microchip with all their research inside a ring Storme wears.  If anything happened to them, someone was supposed to come to Storme and she was to give the microchip to them.  But when Storme escaped she knew her brother and father weren’t coming so she didn’t wait.  She escaped and has been running ever since.  It’s been ten years, and nobody ever came to her saying her father sent them for the microchip so she’s kept it.

She met Styx Mackenzie, a Wolf Breed, at a bar.  She knew exactly who he was and she tried to get away from him.  However, when she fled the bar she was cornered by a couple of Coyotes.  Styx came to her rescue.  And, when she finally let herself trust him for the night, he betrayed her.  Jonas Wyatt thinks the microchip has the answers to what is going on with his adopted daughter, Amber, after Brandenmore injected her with an unknown substance.  He will stop at nothing to get the microchip from Storme and he just may have to face-off with Styx to get it!

I found this book to be pretty dull.  Styx and Storme had a lot of sex as Styx struggled to figure out why he could feel Storme was his mate, but couldn’t actually mate her.  The sex scenes started to feel like the same scene over and over again.  The spelling of Storme also drove me batty, especially considering the title of the book had is spelled the usual way! The book did get better at the end when we finally got some plot going!  I just wished it had happened sooner.

I really enjoyed Styx.  He was completely devoted to Storme from the moment he met her.  And, he would tear apart anyone that was a threat to her, even if it meant destroying the pack he loves.  Besides, how can you not adore a breed with such a love for chocolate?

I understood Storme’s hatred for the Breeds, but I hated the times that she hurt Styx with her vitriol.  It’s not like he can help what he was created to be.  But he was surprisingly understanding.

This wasn’t one of my favorite books of the series, although it had some nice moments.   But, I guess they all can’t be winners!  Hopefully, I like the next one better!