Strong, Silent Cowboy

Moving Violations, Book #2

By Lora Leigh & Veronica Chadwick

ISBN# 9781250220097

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They met in Switzerland and had a steamy weekend together.  He had business to attend to, but promised her he’d return.  However, a week later he still hadn’t come back and she had no choice but to go back home, alone.

Three years later she met him again in the little town of Deer Haven.  Both were going by different names, then they had used in Switzerland.  He because he had been working undercover for the CIA in Switzerland.  She because she’s been on the run for nearly five years.  Someone has been stalking her and threatening her life.  They’re looking for someone, but she’s unsure who.  Her stepfather put her in Deer Haven with a new identity to hide.  However, none of that really matters.  The thing that hurts Sallie the most is that it’s clear that Jacob doesn’t even remember her.

Jacob hasn’t been the same since the explosion in Switzerland.  He lost a week of his memories and he knows that he missed something important as he feels he’s lost part of himself.  Since then, he’s been haunted by erotic dreams starring a girl whose face he can’t quite make out.  And, when he finally gives in to his desires and goes home with Sallie and marks her as his.  The face of the girl in his dreams morphs into that of Sallie.

It’s been three years since the last attack.  And, when Sallie’s stalker finally catches up with her, she’s ready to run again.  However, Jacob is not willing to lose her.  He demands she stays and let him protect her.  But can she trust a man who forgot her so easily before?

This was a really good read.  And, honestly I needed that.  This book drew me in from the first page and I didn’t want to put it down!

Sallie and Jacob had an interesting past.  They fell for each other hard.  But after his mission went to crap it left him without his memories for that week and left her completely heartbroken and alone.

I actually really loved both of these characters.  Jacob is a no-brainer.  I love the alpha man types, in my books, especially those, like Jacob, who stand up for those that can’t defend themselves.  Jacob reminded me a lot of the alpha males from Leigh’s Breeds series.  The way he marked her to keep other males away.  And, also in his protectiveness.  He also had a lazy assurance about himself, much like those lazy feline Breeds.

Sallie was strong in her own right, as well.  She’d have to be, to survive all the things she has endured. 

And, when these two get together the sparks fly!

However, this book does have a few struggles.  Most of them are standard flaws in Leigh’s books.  Mainly the grammatical errors.  I did read an advance copy of this book so it’s possible those could be corrected by the final release.  However, I’ve seen several of her books published with those errors so I expect that to be the case with this book as well.

I also found some of the times Jacob and Sallie decided to have sex had odd timing and was unrealistic.  And, by the end of the book the sex scenes seemed quite repetitive.  This is also a typical Leigh book flaw.

All-in-all, these flaws are quite minor and didn’t keep me from thoroughly enjoying the story.  I ate this book up and it left me wanting for more. 

The book did end in a weird spot though.  I was expecting more.  An epilogue or something…. But it wasn’t there.  Again, it didn’t keep me from enjoying the book, but maybe a well-written epilogue could have made me enjoy this story even more.

Overall, I really liked this story and can’t wait to see what these authors have in store for us next!  I really want to see the Culpepper brothers and Jacob’s cousins get their stories.  I see a Justice and Lily story in our future and I’m all for it!